What’s In a Name?

I read an article on another one of my many pregnancy websites I subscribe to.    The website I allude to in this post is The Bump, by the creators of The Knot.   For those of you unaware, The Knot, is a website for couples who are getting married, aka tying the knot.   The creators, seizing the opportunity to take advantage of the huge following of The Knot, decided to go one step further with the natural progression of a married couple, which is to have children.   Therefore, www.thebump.com was created.  

I just joined the mailing list for this website over the weekend and today I received my first email.    I quickly perused through the headlines with nothing eye-catching, until I came across this article, “Will your baby’s name affect his career choice?”  Naturally, I immediately clicked on the link.   After all, haven’t all of us, even the ones who aren’t parents, fantasized about our children’s names?    Before I even knew I wanted to have children, I already had at least one name picked out and it was that of a little girl.    My husband and I are not being graced with a daughter just yet, but instead we are having a son.   It didn’t take much thought, or the research of  a book with children’s names in order to come up with the name David Brian.  

Many, if not all of you, know my husband’s name is David.   For me it was only a natural progression to name our son after his father, one of the greatest men in my life (next to my own dad).    My son’s middle name holds a more sentimental and significant value to me.   It is the name of my younger brother, a wonderful human being, who left us four years at the age of twenty-five after a nearly three-year battle with leukemia.  My brother was one of the kindest hearted humans you would ever meet.   His intelligence and cunning were way beyond mine and he had this infectious laugh and smile, one that everyone fell in love with.   I chose his name for my son’s second name because I have the feeling my son will have the same warm-hearted smile, and ability to love all those within this world and have them equally love him back.   My son will have my brother’s qualities because it’s impossible to not have a soul and warmness like Brian’s.    Doesn’t mean I expect him to follow the same life and career choies of my brother.   I hope to see my son outlive me, to have a family of his own.   

Do I think my son’s name will affect his career choice?   Absolutely not!   I have grand visions for my child.  I want him to have a better life than me, granted mine hasn’t been so bad.   I want him to experience life in ways I never had the ability.   I want him to see the world.   I want him to be happy, but for the most part I want my son to be who he wants to be, not who society says he should be, or his father and I want him to be.   I joke around with my husband about hoping our son is smart and athletic.   I want him to be intelligent and I want him to see things in a different view.   I also want him to be athletic so that maybe he can be a professional football player or maybe even a shortstop for the New York Yankees.   My husband and I like to joke about Davey being our retirement ticket, but it’s all in jest.  

I don’t know what the names David Brian mean, nor do I care to know because none of those meanings will ever be indicative of who my son will be or the choices he will make.   There’s no magic 8 ball to predict the future, nor some ancient Chinese proverb that’s going to guarantee what my son will be and what sort of life he will have.   I’m excited to think about his future, the fun he’ll have, the heart aches he’ll suffer, but the full life that I’m going to make sure my son has regardless as to what his name may be.


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