Davey’s Musical Cravings

It is my understanding that my child can now hear sounds outside the womb. I’m not sure if what he hears is clear or if it’s muted and convoluted seeing as how he’s swimming in amniotic fluid right now. I imagine Davey being like Captain Nemo and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or perhaps the voices he hears sound like the school teacher from The Peanuts, who knows? Either way, I still can’t help but wonder just how clear the words are that he’s hearing, plus can he comprehend the meaning of those words? If so, I may have to get ear muffs for my belly to prevent him from hearing some of the foul language going on in my office! The words “virgin ears” bring on a whole new meaning now.

So, now that I know Davey can hear, I’ve decided to test out his auditory senses. Many websites and even my sister-in-law, who is a pediatric nurse, have started recommending that I read to Davey on a regular basis. Apparently, the sound of my voice is soothing and reassuring to my child. I question this as I’ve heard myself speak and it actually sounds dull and monotonous. It’s nothing that I feel is all that welcoming and inviting. My sister-in-law says that if I read one book or one story to Davey on a regular basis then the cognitive side of his brain will process and retain the story and it’s possible that he make kick along each time.

This week I stopped into Barnes and Noble and picked up a couple of children’s books on the discount rack. I drove back to my office and realized I still had about 15 minutes left on my lunch break. I parked my car and turned off the radio. I grabbed the first book from the bag, “Fire Cat” and proceeded reading the book. I did my best to imitate the voices of the characters, trying to inflict some level of emotion into my voice to encourage a reaction from my son, but I got nothing! Apparently, Davey doesn’t like my voice or perhaps his hearing isn’t as acute as I originally thought. The gentleman sitting in the car alongside me; however, did seem to appreciate my futile attempts as I forgot I had my window open (pregnancy dementia, see previous blog) and he actually clapped at the end of my reading. I smiled at him awkwardly before rolling up my window.

Later that evening, I began writing my “Pregnancy Dementia” blog. While writing it, I watched the Top 20 Best in Hip-Hop Videos on Fuse. Here is what I determined about my son…..he seems to be a big fan of late 90s and early 2000s hip-hop and rap music. Everything from Outkast to Nelly and even Notorious B.I.G. had him jumping! Of course I thought this was a fluke until the next day when I threw on some Coolio, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac. It’s almost as if Davey is trying to keep beat with the rhythm as he kicks and taps along in my belly! I love it! So, my husband and I were on our road trip to Rochester, NY this weekend and I decided to once again test out my theory by trying different types of music to see if he has an aversion to any genre. I suppose a part of me should feel bad for treating my son like a controlled substance in a lab exposed to variables, but how else am I supposed to determine what sort of music he likes? And for those of you who may be doubters, the thought has crossed my mind about how do I really know if he’s enjoying the music or just reacting to the sound in general, but so far every kick and punch from him has felt different, almost rhythmic. Until I know for sure, I’m just going to stick to the theory that Davey is a rap and hip-hop fan as no other music elicits any sort of reaction.

Alright, I have to go. Wreckx n Effect’s Rump Shaker just came on and Davey is wide awake! I’m sure my insides will be bruised before he’s born.