Do I Need a How-To Manual?

I read like crazy.  Reading is one of my most favorite things to do.   I like everything from tear jerking romances, to supernatural science fiction, and even self-help books and historical pieces.    I actually already have 2 books about becoming a parent and I read them both, including the one that tells me about the first years of motherhood.    For the most part, the books are quelling any fears I have and answering most of my questions.    Unfortunately, I don’t think every question will ever be answered, which has led me to this question……should I write my own how-to manual?   And I’m not talking about a how-to manual in regards to raising a child.   I’m leaning more towards a how-to manual for being pregnant.  

Some of the questions to consider:

1.  When is it safe to have sex again?   My husband abstained for this a little longer than what we preferred because of our crazy minds.   After all we didn’t want to harm the baby.

2.  What’s the actual limit of coffee I can have on a daily basis?

3.  Is it possible to become addicted to Tylenol PM while pregnant? 

4.  Should I really sleep on my left side to help increase blood flow to the baby?

I hear so many different levels of advice from pregnant women, mothers, and even men who claim to know even more because of what their wives have experienced.   It’s becoming so overwhelming for me that I think the stress from the questions and answers actually feeds my migraines, which leads to another question….how often are migraines, especially if I’ve never experienced them before, and is it safe to take the prescribed medication from my doctor even though there is a caution about taking it if you’re pregnant.  So, the thought has crossed my mind about compiling together my own personal advice guide to help walk someone like me, an eternal worrier, through pregnancy.    It’s just an idea, but I would love to hear about some of the questions you mommies out there had during pregnancy and what answers you received.   I’m considering posting a new page with a question a week and providing medically researched answers combined with personal experience to help others like me.   So, mommies, help me out.   What do you worry about most during pregnancy?