Hormonal Side Effects

Have any of you ever had an out-of-body experience? I’m sure we’ve all heard about one or even read about one, but what percentage of us can actually say they have experienced this phenomenon? An out-of-body experience is not a scientifically proven phenomenon, although it has been simulated by scientists before in a controlled lab. While 1 in 10 people claim to have been through an out-of-body experience, mostly during near death situations, it is not unusual for the average person to experience this as well. For those of you unaware, an out-of-body experience typically involves a floating sensation outside of one’s body, in other words, the perception of one’s physical body from a place outside of that body. Now that we’ve cleared up exactly what an OBE (out-of-body experience) is, I know for a fact that I have experienced this and not just in a sleep or dream state, but while I’m driving down the road and I can’t help but wonder if my OBE is attributed to my pregnancy hormones.

At least once a week, but in most cases four or five times, I find myself in hysterical sobs that I can’t control. At times I can’t even breathe and I feel like my heart could stop due to the sheer panic of the sobs interfering with my breathing. And on quite a few of these occasions, I have felt like I have floated above my body watching myself break down, unable to really do anything to stop it. I try to console myself, even hearing myself say that I shouldn’t be crying like this and what exactly has gotten me so upset? I suppose this is one of the many hormonal side effects.

I’ve heard stories about women who create almost a whole new personality during pregnancy. Their poor husbands and partners experience something unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. A few of these husbands have actually told me that they’ve thought their wives were possessed and that an exorcism would need to be performed. I literally had a double take when I heard these words because the thoughts that were floating through my brain, were “really? Can it be that bad?” Well, I’m here to say “yes”.

My husband hasn’t had the luxury *insert sarcasm* to experience a devil possessed Amy, but what he has experienced has been just as trying on his nerves as it has been mine. It seems that the slightest thing will make me cry. I can no longer watch a commercial about a 70 something year old man who hasn’t slept with his wife in year’s because he can’t make it up the stairs anymore. Que the chair that climbs the stairs, and now my tears are ones of joy and happiness, but they’re still tears!!!!! I can easily walk out of work, climb in my car and then the floods I’ve been holding back all day break through the dams and I’m a flowing mess the entire way home. And as soon as I walk in the door, my husband see’s my best Tammy Faye Baker with mascara streaming down my cheeks. Immediately I begin to cry even harder because now I’ve upset him. And when he comes to hug me that’s usually the point I start to have my out-of-body experience.

I’ve never been able to watch SPCA commercials or even the movies “The Notebook” or “Steel Magnolias” without crying, but since I’ve been pregnant my emotional state has been one non stop roller coaster ride that I never need a ticket to board. Reading the newspaper makes me cry. Watching a commercial with a lady who falls and can’t get up, elicits emotions out of me equal to the magnitude of finding out my brother had leukemia. And I can’t help but wonder, is this normal? Is this a good or bad thing for the baby or does my child not feel anything from my emotional state. These days I try to steer clear of anything that is going to make me cry and apparently The Billboard Music Awards is something that I need to stop watching as it’s making me cry while typing this! As a matter of fact, I’m convinced that I’m about to have another out-of-body experience as I try to calm myself from crying over spilled milk. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but it’s almost like I’m a ticking bomb where the waterworks are concerned. Am I the only one who goes through this and if not, has anyone else out there experienced a state of constant sobs while pregnant and how long has it lasted?