Future Antics…Be Prepared

There’s an old saying…boys will be boys.   I’ve sat for the past couple of days and tried in vain to recall what the old saying was for girls.   Unfortunately, I’m at a loss.   We’ll chalk that up to Davey zapping me of all of my brain cells.   So, where am I going with all of this?   Well, my husband and I have talked about stupid childhood antics we did and the things we put our parents through.  Then I watched a news report about teenagers trying to swallow spoonfuls of cinnamon and my mind began to reel.

I’m a worrier by nature.  I worry about the past, I worry about the present, and I worry about the future.  I shouldn’t worry at all, but I have no control over my mind especially as I start thinking about the future and what my husband and I may or may not have to contend with.

I’ve heard comments that boys are a lot more difficult.    They seem to be fearless, adventurous and eager to push the envelope, at least where stunts are concerned.   I can only imagine what mischief my son will get into as he grows older.   I can teach him what’s right and what’s wrong and encourage him to think about his actions and the consequences to those actions.   I would hope Davey wouldn’t be a follower.   I would hope that he wouldn’t succumb to peer pressure, but who am I kidding?   And what’s worse is that I’m worrying about this NOW, when he’s just turned 8 months old!   What the heck?

And then thoughts have started rolling to our next child, IF there is another one.   While it may not be in my hands to decide the sex of our next child, I really worry about how my husband and I will handle having a daughter.   Lord help us if she’s anything like me.  Truth be told, I think having a daughter would be a lot more difficult and stressful.  And what am I doing yet again?   Worrying about future antics.

Am I the only mother who has wayward thoughts such as these?   What can I do in order to just savor the moments in time I have right now?


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