Visions of Writerhood Danced In My Head

Twas the days before mommyhood

When all through the land

Not a creature was stirring

And time passed like sand.


The baby was sleeping

And nuzzled in tight

In the warmth of the womb

And resting all night.


When a decision was made

To focus on a goal

One surely not to fade

To stay with home with the foal.


My visions were grand

My views were enticing

With everything planned

It was all so exciting.


Then baby was born

And sleep was lost.

Wrinkled clothes soon were worn

And visions were tossed.


My visions of writerhood

Soon quick to diminish

As baby fastly stood

I found I was finished.


My plans of motherhood

Were fastly changing

As baby laid waste

To all things left hanging.


So for all of you who aspire

To be a stay at home mom

With dreams and desires

Take it from me and you’ll truly see

That baby makes waist to dreams of thee.


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