The Terrible Twos…At 7 Months???

Is that even possible?

I’m a hot mess these days and I attribute that to my overly independent, extremely intelligent, stubborn and hard-headed son.   Of course he picks up the stubborn and hard-headed traits from his daddy.  Obviously, I’m not like that!

I don’t know if Davey is testing his boundaries with me now or if it’s just because he’s with me ALL the time, but this past week has brought my mother/son relationship to a boiling point.   I actually found myself putting him in his crib to cry it out.   Funny thing…he wasn’t crying, he was screaming.   Trust me, there were no tears in that boy’s eyes. 

I thought I had hit a breakthrough a couple of weeks ago when it came to getting Davey down for naps.  I was so pleased with myself and even managed to let my guard down.  I thought for sure that battle had been won by me and I could move on to something new to fight.  Not so fast, Amy!  Those naps on my bed in the afternoon?  Yeah, well they only lasted for 2 weeks.  Now I’m back to the drawing board again with a son who fights naps, rubs his eyes, screams as if he’s being tortured, and is now resorting to head-butting me.  Yep, that’s right.

Yesterday was another milestone of sorts.   I found out my son does not like green beans, which I find extremely painful and disappointing since they are MY favorite vegetable.   Are you curious as to how sweet little Davey handled green beans?  Well, let me give you the abbreviated version…I attempted to trick him as I already knew he was having a problem with the green beans.  My trick?  Feed him a spoonful of apples and pears (his favorite) and then sneak in a spoonful of green beans.  I thought it was working especially considering the fact that he ate at least 3 spoonfuls of beans.  The fourth bite was the charm.  I put the spoon in my son’s mouth, and he closed down and pursed his lips and stiffened up his body (kinda reminded me of him being constipated and trying to push out a poop) and then with his mouth still closed, he breathed in through his nostrils reared back, opened his mouth and proceeded to spit the green beans on me.  I had green goo in my hair, on my glasses, even little specs between my breasts.   And then what did he do?  He laughed at me.  So, that concluded his meal at that point and I put him in his room.  

Of course he screamed the entire time and slammed his hands down on the floor.  I’m even convinced I heard him kicking a few times as well. 

I called my husband up and told him the story and he found it humorous!  Well, of course he did!  Every time I tell him the mean things Davey is doing during the day he doesn’t believe it because once daddy comes home, Davey is good as gold.  My husband just looks at me and says, “He seems fine to me!”

So, I guess Davey’s just testing me.   I’m sure his first words are going to be “no” and “stop” seeing as how those are the words I use the most.   And when I use those words they seem to mean something funny to Davey because all he does is laugh at me. 

Am I losing control of my baby already?   If this is really nothing, then I’m truly terrified of the Terrible Twos and I’ve got to find a way to resolve myself to the fact that I’m just going to have to be tougher on him as he grows and understands. 

Whew!  This Momma has been handled and dominated by her son, and he’s only 7 months.