My First Mother’s Day

I never dreamed I would be on the receiving end of mother’s day.   Even this time last year, when I was in my 5th month, I still worried that something would go wrong along the way and I wouldn’t experience Mother’s Day as a mother.

When the day rolled around this year, I can honestly say I didn’t sleep a lot on Saturday night.   It had nothing to do with Davey waking me up, needing a change of diaper and a feeding.  It had more so to do with my reflection and my gratitude.

Sunday morning around 2 am, I climbed back into bed after rocking Davey back to sleep.   My husband was fast asleep beside me completely unaware that I’d made it back to bed.   As I listened to his rhythmic breathing, hoping it would lull me back to sleep, I was suddenly overcome with the excitement of knowing that I was officially a member of the Mother’s Day club.

I laid there in bed, watching the ceiling fan oscillate and thought back to when I first found out I was pregnant, how I was a little nervous and unsure.   Then my thoughts jumped to the first ultrasound where we heard Davey’s heartbeat for the first time.   Tears started rolling down my cheeks much like they did that very day.   I was so overcome with the excitement of knowing that deep down in my womb, there was a precious angel, a gift from God growing inside of me.

As I relived each moment of the nine months I carried my son, I became more and more excited about Mother’s Day and what it would mean.   I thought about the day we went into the hospital for the emergency c-section and how I held him for the first time.   My memory jumped to my husband’s face and his overwhelming joy and happiness about holding his boy.   I thought about the nights I cradled him in my arms, the days of no sleep, Davey’s first smile, his first laugh, and most recently his first crawl and his first tooth.   I thought about all of these events and milestones and I felt a lump forming in my throat.

There wasn’t a lot of money spent on Mother’s Day.  I didn’t get the latest of hi-tech gadgets, flowers, or a day at the spa.   I did receive gifts, all of which fit me to a tee, but the greatest gift of all, is mine everyday, being the mother to such a wonderful boy.

Each day is Mother’s Day for me.   Sure it’s nice to have that one special day.   A day to be recognized, but Mother’s Day is so much more than just one day and I can’t imagine any mother disagreeing with me.

I didn’t do much yesterday.  My husband took over the majority of the responsibilities and it felt nice to just sit back.   It felt nice to hold my son, to have him look into my eyes and caress my face.   My heart melted each time his eyes twinkled and a smile spread across his face.   Yeah, it was Mother’s Day, but the privilege of being Davey’s mother was all mine.   I should be thanking him for bringing a new light into my life and for making me feel more loved and needed than ever.

My Mother’s Day was overcome with emotions, contentment, happiness, bliss, and most of all love and pride.   I hope all of you mothers out there had just as wonderful of a day as I did.   And if it was your first official Mother’s Day, like me, then congratulations and welcome to the club!