What Does That Taste Like?

What does that clear colored Pedialyte taste like and what about the Keflex medicine Davey had to take?  And then there’s the breast milk and the formula.   What do they taste like and can my baby taste them already?  Is one more appealing to the other?

My husband and I had this conversation last week as we noticed how quickly Davey would take down the Keflex, but not the Pedialyte.   The Keflex, with its Pepto Bismal pink coloring hinted of a scent of strawberry, so to us it seemed appealing and obviously it did to my son as well. 

The Pedialyte had a scent of flavored water, something not too strong and with zero sugar, but when we tasted it, my husband and I were not impressed.   And neither was Davey considering the fact that the child could be starving and still wouldn’t drink the Pedialyte.   So, all of this led us to question whether our child has taste buds and are they fully developed?   At what age do they start developing and what characteristics do they have and by that I mean will he get his sense of taste from me or from my husband?

According to research I have read, a baby’s taste buds develop at 5 months when he is still a fetus.   So once he’s made his grand entrance into the world, he has fully functioning taste buds, but what formulates them?   Will Davey have an aversion to coconut as I do or will he absolutely loathe the taste of lemon cakes, as his father does?  



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