Better Watch Out for Momma Bear

I hate it when people are picked on, made fun of, or just treated differently because of their appearance.  It’s a normal part of society and our day-to-day interactions with each other.  And if you remember correctly from one of my previous blogs, I too at times can be superficial and vain.  Unfortunately, I don’t appreciate society’s obsession with vanity projected onto my child. 

We are still undergoing treatment for my son’s severe case of eczema.  Thankfully, yesterday we were able to finally attain his medication and creams in order to calm the inflammation and he’s well on his way along the road of recovery and not a minute too soon.

I suppose I’m an over-protective momma because lately I’ve been a bit too aware of the public reaction to my poor baby’s face.  Mostly the gasps and shocked faces are coming from older members of society, which I suppose they have a “get out of jail free” card because of their age.   The geriatric population seems to lose that filter in their brain that encourages them to not speak what they’re thinking, the older they get.  

So, I’m looking forward to taking my son out in public now that his face doesn’t look like he’s been baking under an intense solar lamp for 24 hours day.    I’m looking forward to no longer getting the expression of smelling dog poo and trying to conceal it from people.  You all know what I’m talking about….

It’s the whole, “I’m smelling dog poo, but I don’t want someone else to know that I think it’s on them so I try to hide my shock and keep my nose from turning up and my eyebrows from furrowing” expression.   I’m sick of it.   If I get one more person looking at my son in that way, I’m likely to go Momma Bear on them and start tearing them apart limb by limb. 

Becoming a mother has brought on a whole new level of protection and not just for me but also for other children.   Children can not always help the cards they are dealt and adults shouldn’t find a way to make it so obvious that medical conditions are occurring.  

I look at my son and I see the most beautiful baby God has ever created.   Sure, his face isn’t silky smooth and soft like many other babies and he may have the occasional pock mark brought on by the atopic dermatitis, but his glowing smile, alertness and all around love for anyone that comes into his life is amazing.  And unfortunately, I don’t think everyone is deserving of his wonderful grace.   So for all of you who may look at my child and gasp about his appearance or even be outspoken as to what he’s going through, be careful about what spills out of your mouth, lest you deal with the wrath of this Momma Bear.


One thought on “Better Watch Out for Momma Bear

  1. tonya

    I know how you feel. when Brent had the viral warts all over his body I had to deal with the stares and gasp. My heart broke for him having to deal with it, but he was strong and made it through. He would get his hair cut and when the girl would put her hand under her chin to turn his face she would jerk her hand back and gasp. I wanted to tell her that his will go away but she will be ugly forever.

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