Sleeping Like a Baby

What does that mean exactly?   Is it meant to a be a compliment or is it an analogy?   Does it mean that someone or something is sleeping intently?   I suppose I’ve never really understood the real meaning of that saying, but either way…my son is sleeping like a baby!   And guess what!?!?!  That’s what he should be doing since he is a baby!

We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy inside and out, but we still had our own little anomalies where he was concerned.  I guess we still do and since he is a baby, we will continue to experience those anomalies. 

One of the things I never expected, although it was foretold, was that my child would need to be swaddled in order to sleep.   I thought, this is ridiculous!  I’ll just lie him on his back and he’ll go to sleep.  Not the case.  As matter of fact, not even CLOSE to the case.   My son ended up needing to be swaddled regardless of whether it was a mid morning or late afternoon nap or just to sleep through the night.  I actually wondered how long we would have to deal with this.  I even bought bigger Swaddlers as he was getting much too long for the others.  

2 weeks ago, Davey started rolling over.   He’s a bit ahead of the curve there as he wasn’t even 4 months old yet.  And although, he was rolling over I didn’t take into consideration that he would do it while he slept.   So, the following morning after his first day of rolling over, I found my son, arms wrapped tightly against his body, sleeping soundly on his tummy with his head rolled to the side.   I immediately panicked as thoughts ran rampantly through my head.  

Of course, he had survived the night, rolling over without his arms being free.   Of course, he slept soundly, not a peep from him to wake me or my husband, but what if, just what if he rolled over onto his tummy, his face down on the mattress and he was unable to breathe?  He could suffocate and I’d never know!   I’m already an OCD, worry wort of a mother, let’s just couple the thought of me sleeping through my son’s death and imagine how much of a nutso I would be!   Psych wards would love me!

Yes!  Those were my thoughts.  So, I told my husband no more swaddling.  I didn’t care how long it took Davey to fall asleep, if he would even fall asleep at all.   My rationale was that I wasn’t going to get sleep if we did swaddle him, so why not just NOT swaddle him.  Problem was, as stated before, he’d NEVER fallen asleep without being swaddled.  

One week and 4 days ago we went “cold turkey” in the de-swaddling department and surprise, surprise…my son is sleeping through the night!  I think he actually sleeps better now that he can freely move throughout the bed.   And freely move he does!

This child can do a completely 360, flip over, kick on his mobile, and even push himself onto his knees to sleep!   It’s absolutely amazing!  And the best part…my husband and I are sleeping like babies as well.  

Too bad I just spent $40 on Swaddlers the week BEFORE he started rolling over.   What a waste that was!


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