My little boxer

Something new happens every day with my son that brings out a smile with me. It used to be major events like his first smile, or his first self discovery (this was at the doctor’s office for his 2 month shots), or even the day he peed on himself (it was like a trajectory directly into his face!). What he does now; however, makes me laugh harder than I ever thought possible.

When Davey is placed on his back and his arms are flailing about, he eventually will stiffen his arms and ball up his hands tightly into fists. Immediately, he flings his fists up in the air and purses his lips with a look of determination on his face. I can’t help but laugh and I actually do everything I can to help elicit another one of these reactions out of him.

He looks like he’s putting his “dukes” up so to speak and ready to defend himself or else antagonize a fight. It’s quite humorous. And should you put your fists up as well, he’ll immediately giggle and wave his fists around.

I can’t wait to see what his next little theatrical move will be. Perhaps he’ll pantomime being an acrobat! Haha!


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