During my pregnancy, I was pretty fortunate with the morning sickness in that I didn’t experience it to the full level of debilitation that many others did. I can recall once that my friend Stephanie, while pregnant with her son, explained to me that morning sickness was like a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week hangover, minus the alcohol, of course. She would then state to me, “don’t you want to be pregnant with me?” Of course not! She’d practically scared me away.

As the first few months of my pregnancy progressed I did experience the occasional discomfort of nauseau and what Stephanie and a few other friends recommended to me was a drug called Zofran, which I recall my brother used to curb his bouts of nausea while going through chemotherapy. Fortunately, I didn’t have to take advantage of any sort of prescription drugs for the nausea which is good considering I was nervous as to how they would impact my pregnancy. What did work for me and what I would like for everyone else to try is something called B-Natal.

B-Natal is an over the counter lozenger or lollipop that contains doctor recommend vitamin B6 that is scientifically proven to help alleviate the effects of nausea. The lozenger comes in a sour apple flavor, while the lollipop is cherry-flavored. I usually kept a few of the therapops in my purse and desk drawers at all times, as I wasn’t a huge fan of sour apple (of course I never liked anything “sour” before pregnancy anyways).

One of my co-workers is pregnant and I have recommended the same thing to her and so far it’s worked like a dream. B-Natal can be purchased at any drug store or pharmacy, just ask the pharmacist if you can’t locate them. And if you’d like to learn more about the “candy that cures morning sickness” then visit their website at www.bnatal.com.


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