Final Day

Today is my final day of staying home before I go back to work and for how much longer I’ll work, I’m unsure.

I’ve done everything I could to stick to a routine, a least a routine that I could be proud of and one that is best for my son. Today; however, found us at the doctor as I appear to be a major worry wort, which means our routine was a bit derailed.

After a long overdue visit with Aunt Erin this morning, Davey and I found ourselves at the pediatrician’s office with a bad case of eczema. Davey has suffered from this for months, practically the entire time he’s been on this earth, and he seems to be just fine with it. It’s mommy who’s a basket case especially when it starts spreading all over his body.

What originally started out with a severe case of baby acne quickly evolved into eczema. Davey doesn’t appear to be irritated by the dry skin and outbreak of bumps that seem to multiply everyday. I; however, AM irritated by it and not because of the way it affects his appearance, but because it seems like I can’t get it under control.

I’ve tried to be a big girl about it and NOT call the doctor. I don’t want to be one of those narcissistic parents who calls the doctor at every little change with my baby. I want to be a good mother and feel like a good mother, and frankly right now I’m not feeling so good in that department. Mostly because I’ve waited so LONG to call the doctor and because I DID call the doctor. Am I making any sense?

Now that I’ve waisted the doctor’s time for something that I originally thought could be chicken pox (yes, that’s right! I DO go off the reservation sometimes!), I can now rest a little better with my handy-dandy instruction manual for treating eczema. I’m off to Wal-Mart for Aveeno baby wash, new detergent to wash his clothes in, and even a prescription for shampoo that should help cure his cradle cap…yet something else I haven’t been able to tackle!

Needless to say, with today’s job of being a mommy, I feel a bit rewarded, as if I’ve done something worthwhile for my son.


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