Weeble-Wobbles and Mis-Matched Shoes

And so it begins…..

There once was a young woman, well by most standards she was middle-aged, who had fortunately been blessed with the good genes of being tall, slender and athletic. As the years moved on, and the maternity clock continued to tick on by, at times a bit more obnoxiously than others, this young woman decided to put her vanity aside and seek something more fulfilling in life.

She spent days praying and nights playing (wink wink) before finally deciding that it just wasn’t meant to be. She was to be one of those women who were to be career focused and interested in trudging forward with the mindset of women in the workplace and not in the kitchen. She accepted the card that had been dealt her, but secretly still hoped that one day her reality might change.

Then one cold December night, only a week before Christmas, she and her husband decided to partake in a little playing by night and praying by day. After all, it would be God’s will in the end and His will be done. No ifs, ands, or buts about it and no way of moving around it.

Weeks later, all hope lost, she decided to take a home pregnancy test. It came back positive, but wait! Was this a positive-positive, a false-positive, a positive-false, or something else? The instructions were a bit on the sketchy, and the pink line wasn’t clear. So, she made her husband buy two more home pregnancy tests, just to be on the safe side. There’s no sense getting one’s hopes up, especially if it were a false-positive. This time the tests came back more definitive. No dash or pluses, only the clear words “PREGNANT” showing on the strip, almost looking like a Vegas marquee sign.

Months passed by, doctor’s appointments came and went. She had ultrasound upon ultrasound. She shed tears at the sound of the beating heart within her womb. She began planning and designing a nursery. She put the needs of her unborn child first and daydreamed of a romantic life ahead of sleepless nights and exhausting days. Slowly She began to succumb to the daily effects of pregnancy. No longer a toned and fit body, she was beginning to metamorphosize into something she never thought possible. And only now, with a mere nine weeks more left on her journey, this middle-aged woman finds herself becoming nothing more than a weeble-wobble who will fall down and a once stylish woman, now wearing shoes that may not match because she can no longer see her feet. Alas, it’s a tragic but heartwarming story, definitely entertaining to say the least. It’s only a matter of time before this middle-something woman becomes a mother and I can’t help but wonder, how will she handle the poops and the vomits? What about the 2 am feedings? The cries of distress and frustration? Is she nervous? Not one bit, but I do have it on good authority that she can’t wait until she no longer waddles along like a penguin. And perhaps it would be best to invest in a full length mirror, just to be sure those shoes not only match each other, but also the outfit.

It’s an age old story of a woman transforming and becoming more than she ever thought possible. Stay tuned as this story continues to unfold. And like wine and cheese, it will only get better with age.


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