Suffering from Stage Fright

With approximately 10 weeks to go, Davey has become extremely active. As a matter of fact, he keeps me company at work and even at times can manage to calm and de-stress me. I’m already a proud mommy, as I excitedly talk about him with my customers, co-workers, and pretty much anyone who will listen to me. I love to tell my stories and my experiences and I love for everyone to experience the little nudges and kicks that Davey gives me daily.

Originally, I thought I would be one of those women who couldn’t stand for strangers to come up to me and touch my belly. For the most part, I’m pretty protective of my personal space, which is an imaginary box I have around myself at all times. I don’t like to be encroached upon especially by strangers, and I can sense when someone has stepped into that space even if I’m not looking directly at them. This; however, has changed as most of my normal pre-dispositions seemed to have been taken away.

Unfortunately, I don’t think my son enjoys this level of attention, which is a bit disconcerting considering the fact that I love being the center of attention and my husband is pretty outgoing as well. I don’t think either one of us have ever suffered from stage fright or have even been shy one moment in our lives. Our son doesn’t seem to follow those same traits. The only person I can get him to really kick for is my husband. If I invite another stranger into the fold, he freezes up. I can look at my belly while at work and watch him move around. My stomach contouring with his movements. It’s very strange to see the activity that comes from my belly, almost an abnormality of sorts and I want to share it with so many. I just don’t think Davey wants to have all the attention. I know he can hear my requests as I plead for him to give me a kick, to perform for my friends and co-workers, but he refuses.

Last night was the first time that he did it to his own daddy. Davey kicked me, and it was one of the strongest kicks I’ve had thus far. I’m almost convinced I saw his heel coming out of my belly. When I tried to get my husband to see it as well, Davey stopped. And as strange as this may sound, I think he scurried away at the sound of my husband’s voice when he pleaded for a good kick. Hopefully, this is not indicative of how Davey’s personality will be, but in the end I don’t really care about his possible introverted personality, his stage fright, or shyness, because he’s already close enough to perfection for me.


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