The Sacrifices Begin

“A mother will always sacrifice for her child.   No longer does her comfort and happiness matter as much as that of her child.”  

 I still have months to go before giving birth to Davey and while I’m sure I have made unconscious sacrifices for Davey, I am now officially making my first conscious sacrifice for my child. 

I read an article this week concerning the growth of my unborn child.   At this point, he is already able to hear sounds and even swallow.   His brain is developing and he even has hair forming along with toenails and fingernails.   One of the more interesting things I read concerned my child’s already developing taste buds.   My child can taste the food that I’m eating.   The article went out to explain that if I wanted my child to have a more diverse diet then I needed to have a diverse diet as well.   For those of you who know me, my diet is mostly dominated by the meat group as I’m not a big fan of the fruits and veggies.   Well, in the name of my child’s health and I suppose it won’t be such a bad thing for my health eitherl, I have decided to partake in more vegetables during my meals.  

The first example of this was last night when my husband made crab cakes, one of my favorite things to eat, and a side of spaghetti squash.   I’m not really sure what I was expecting with spaghetti squash but the noodle type substance I was forcing myself to swallow wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.   I guess I hear the word “spaghetti” and I start thinking marinara or meat sauce.  I don’t think about a vegetable.   As I ate my crab cake, I mixed in bites of spaghetti squash thinking the entire time, “Davey, this is for you and I do hope you appreciate it.”   After a torturous few minutes of this (for both me and my husband as he had to watch me gag each time I forced myself to swallow a bite), my husband took the squash away from me.   He gave me a “good job” for trying and I guess I should give myself that as well, but I am disappointed.   After all, I should be sacrificing for my child, every book and every mother tells me this, but for some reason I couldn’t keep it up last night.  

I will try again maybe even with spaghetti squash as my husband has stated that he’ll find new ways to make it.  I’m determined that my child won’t grow up like I did, on a limited diet of meats, potatoes, and starches.   Plus I have this hidden desire to actually make some of his baby food, but that’s another blog for another day.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to sacrifice consciously and unconsciously for my child.  I just hope they get easier, which I’m told they won’t.   And yes, I’m well aware of my drama already.  🙂


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