Oh, No, No, No….Not Me!

Were the words that spilled from my husband’s mouth last night when I told him that I was going back to work and he was going to stay home with Davey.

What led me to encourage my husband to switch roles thereby eliciting a huge sense of fear from him?   I just don’t think Davey appreciates me anymore!   Ha!   I know, a lot of you out there think I’ve lost my mind and perhaps it’s much too soon to be taking this mentality, but it’s true.   My son pinches me, tries to bite me, smacks me and when it’s time for bed at night, I no longer get a hug from him.   Last night, when I tried to get a hug, he smacked me in the face!   The nerve!

After putting my son to bed, I asked my husband why he seemed to be so apprehensive about staying home with Davey.

“No way.   I just don’t think I have your patience.   I’m home with him for two or three hours at night and I feel like I’m losing my mind!”

Do you know how happy that made me?   Maybe I shouldn’t be ecstatic about my husband’s anxiety and frustration, but I am.

Here’s the thing, and a LOT of people who’ve known me can attest to this, I’ve never really had patience before.  When I was pregnant it was a hundred times worse.   I actually went a little nutso on one of my co-workers and from that point on, he was afraid to come near me.   He wouldn’t even tell me goodbye on my last day.   So, to have my husband tell me that he doesn’t have my patience has just made my day.

I’ve actually replayed last night’s conversation over and over in my head today.   It’s made me smile.  It’s made me happy.   It’s made me feel good because it’s like getting instant gratification.   My son has changed me and it has been for the better.   I can’t see it, although I can feel it sometimes, but apparently those around me can see the change.

And by the way, I’ve since changed my mind about going back to work, at least for today.   So far, Davey hasn’t underappreciated me and when I ask for a hug, I get one with a nice little stroke of my hair.  Stay-at-home mommydom is working again.


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