Words with Daddy

I think I just fell more in love with my husband tonight.

My husband is a different man since he’s become a father.   He’s always had a good heart, very intelligent, and just an all around awesome guy.   Becoming a father seems to have magnified all of that with me and nights like tonight just make me love him more (if that was possible).

My husband’s job has him traveling a lot.    He left early this morning well before Davey was even up.   The only time he’s had with his son was last night when he put him to bed.   I spoke with him briefly this morning on his drive and put Davey on speaker phone so he could share some words with his daddy.   They were brief and to the point, but the love between my son and his father is evident.   My boy worships the ground Daddy walks on and I’m proud of that.

Tonight, my husband decided to Facetime me on my iPad which is perfect for Davey.   We sat in the recliner as my husband’s face popped up on the screen.

“Daddeeee!” Davey screamed (he’s moved past the da-da portion).

“Hi, Buddy,” my husband said back to him.

Davey looked up at me and then back at the screen as he saw his Daddy’s face in front of him.   He pointed at Daddy, waved at him, blew him kisses and even laughed.   It made me smile, but I suppose what made my night and made me fall more in love with my husband was the fact that he sat in a lonely hotel room and sang nursery rhymes to our son.  He read him a Dr. Seuss book, one that my husband knows by heart since he’s read it so many times to Davey.   He played “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” with Davey.   They did their ABC’s and even sang the song about two little red birds sitting on a hill.  It was the greatest ten minutes of my night and I know it was the same for Davey.

My husband talked about his day.   He asked Davey about his lunch and his dinner and inquired about the homemade strawberry muffins I’d made.   Davey did his best to communicate with the occasional nodding of the head, and his gobbledy gook of baby talk he has.   It was awesome and at one point my son tried to hug the iPad before waving good night to his daddy.   It melted my heart and made me smile as my husband did the same thing for our son.   They blew each other a kiss before we signed off, then I got a hug that I’m sure was meant for Daddy as Davey squeezed me tightly and then said silently and almost sadly into my ear, “Dadddeee.”


Hanging My Heart for Davey to See

I’m on week three of the book “52 Things Kids Need From a Mom”.   This week’s reading is entitled “Kids Need Their Mom…To Hang Hearts of Love over their Lives.”   After reading, it had me wondering if I really do hang my heart for Davey to see?

Every morning, when I get Davey up, I tell him how much I love him.   I sing to him as I change his diaper and try to make some of the songs about how much I love him.

I’ve written him letters and even started a journal from the moment I found out I was pregnant with little things about my experiences, but mostly I’ve written him to tell him how much I love him.   I want him to know how much he’s meant to me, how thankful my husband and I are that he came into our lives.   He hears the words I love you continously throughout the day.   I’m not shy about saying it.   I congratulate him on little accomplishments.   I recognize him.   He’s the recipient of hugs and kisses on a daily and continuous basis.

I try to make sure my heart is ALWAYS worn on my sleeve where Davey is concerned, even when my feelings are hurt and I’m sad.   I think this generation has started down that path more with our children as opposed to that of my grandparent’s generation.   I think it’s important for our children to hear daily how much they’re loved, how important they are.   We seem to take it for granted too often that they know how we feel, so we just don’t say it.

I know my parents love me, but it took my c-section and my mother being out of town on business to actually hear her say the words “I love you”.   I haven’t heard those words in a really long time.

How often do you hang your heart for your child(ren)?   Have you done it today?   Make a conscious effort to make sure THEY know how much you love them.