Twitter feed….to the right, please

I’m not sure how many of you follow my Twitter feed.   I’ve posted it on the home page on the bottom right below archives.  Most of what I tweet is related to my life as a mother and it usually comes from other mothers throughout the world whom I follow.   Of course, sometimes you’ll get the occasional rant (like I can’t stand Justin Bieber and I’m not sorry about it).

Anyways, I follow this one mom.   Her name is Kimberly and she is a mother of 4 (bravo to her!).   She wrote a beautiful little poem on her page and it was called Entangled Hands.   It made me smile and cry and just warmed my heart.   If you have a moment, please go to her website… and read her post Entangled Hands.    I retweeted the link and again it’s on my Twitter feed at the bottom right of my home page.



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