Push Presents

A quick survey….

How many of you have received a “Push Present” from your significant other at the birth of your child?

For those of you who did receive, what was it?

I read an article yesterday about Push Presents.   I’d heard of them before, but hadn’t really put much thought into them.  For those of you unaware of what they are, they’re gifts presented to you by your significant other at the birth of your child.

I don’t want this post to be judgemental and condemning of those who have participated in this little ritual, but I really don’t understand it.   Of course, it’s all about the individuals, but I understand there are some women out there who actually EXPECT to receive some sort of trinket once they’ve pushed out the baby.   Shouldn’t your baby itself be the best present ever?

I spoke with my mom and dad about this and they looked at each other and then looked back at me and told me this was typical of my generation, expecting something for pushing out a baby.   Whoa!  Whoa! Whoa!  I told them.   Don’t automatically assume I agree with it.

Then I told my husband about it and he looked genuinely concerned that he had screwed up at the birth of our child since he only got me flowers.   I soothed him and explained that I wasn’t asking because i was expecting him to get me a gift.  I was just curious as to his take on it.   He said if I wanted a present he would get it for me.   I don’t need a present.  I have our son.   Besides, I didn’t push, I had a c-section, which leads to another question…should there be a bigger present for those of us who go through c-sections?

I’m just curious as to your thoughts on this.

Oh, by the way, here’s the gift I received….


See my smile?   You know it’s the best gift I could have received.


One thought on “Push Presents

  1. Yes, you received the best present ever…A healthy happy son! And I have never heard of “Push presents”…Must be a new generation thing…LOL But, I’m not against it at all. After all the morning sickness and pain I went through for his children…it doesn’t sound like a bad deal…=)

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