Put Down Your Phone for This Important Message

I don’t like confrontation.   I may talk big, but for the most part I just avoid any sort of awkwardness.   That’s part of the reason for this blog…so that I can vent about the little things other parents do that bothers me.   And if you happen to be the parent this week who has annoyed me and you read my blog, well bring it on because what you’re doing is selfish.   As for those of you whom I have not caught behaving this way, well take note that you’ve been warned and you need to repent.   Ok, a little dramatic there.    So, what’s bothering me you ask.

Yesterday I took Davey to a completely new event at the downtown library.   All in all, it was a huge success and we will be attending this class every Monday and Thursday morning.   It’s a musical class that’s tailored to children 18 months and older.   Seeing as how Davey is a little advanced (everywhere except his speech as I’ve noted before), I thought I would take him.   I’m eager to get him into as much interaction as possible and give him more than I ever had.   It’s my job, but it’s a job I love.

Well, the class is not designed to serve as a daycare.   It’s designed as something you should be doing with your child.    The class was a bit larger than what we’re used to, but Davey immediately jumped right in.   I sat towards the middle with him as we sang and he danced.   I helped do the finger plays with him and encouraged him to interact by clapping his hands and touching his head.

At one point, I glanced over to my right and noticed a few parents lined up with their backs against the walls while their little ones were in the middle.   EVERY one of them had a cell phone out and was either texting or emailing.   I was shocked and appalled that these parents felt that it’s more important to be texting as opposed to helping your child learn and grow.

I looked over to my left to see if the same thing was going on.   Before I go any further, I want it to be noted that EVERY parent wasn’t doing this.   There were those of us in the middle of the floor with our children and playing with them except for the mom to my left.   I watched with a deep sense of sadness as she was Faceboooking while her child was desperately trying to get her attention.   My heart broke!   I’m sure she’s not a bad mother, but come on!   Facebook?????   Is it really necessary to do that when your child needs you?    I suppose I should have said that to her, but again I don’t like confrontation.

I’m sure that are a lot of moms who work out of the home and find ways to squeeze everything in.   They’re multi-taskers and may have to legitimately answer a quick email concerning work while at places like this.   Hey, I’m guilty of texting my doctor once while we were at story time at the library.   Story time was over and Davey was playing with the other kids, so I thought it would be the perfect time to respond.

I guess what I’m asking of all you moms out there is to just put down your phones and be WITH your children.   Don’t just physically be in the same room with them, but really be with them in their adventures and endeavors, especially if they’re asking you to.   At some point, they’re going to grow up and not want you to be a part of their lives.   Won’t you feel bad to know that you missed out when you had the chance?


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