New Year’s Resolution? Working 9 to 5?

Like so many of you, we’ve enjoyed a break from the normal day-to-day routines thanks in no small part to the Christmas holidays.   Much like I said before, I’ve tried to treat Davey as if he were on a vacation as well and we broke from our normal routines and the curriculum I’m trying to keep him on as a stay-at-home mom.   Wednesday we began our New Year fresh, with fabulous goals, hopes, dreams, and a clean slate.   My husband went back to work and Davey and I began our new routine. 

A new year brings new promises to ourselves, resolutions that we can make a change in our life and the lives of others.   This time last year, I was starting back to work with the realization that I only needed to survive a few more weeks and then I would be home with my new little baby.   This year I’m beginning to wonder if I need to start re-working my resume, and it has zero to do with our finances or the state of this economy.   It has to do with my child, who’s hitting the terrible twos just a bit too early, leaving me with a longing for a 9-5 job. 

I’ve told my husband numerous times that he has the easy end of the deal.   Should he get frustrated with something at work, then he can get away from it.   He can take a walk, go get a coffee, get some fresh air, or basically shut his door and every asinine problem away at least for a little while.   Being a stay-at-home mom, we don’t get that luxury.   I can recall having customers yell at me on the phone before, tell me I was incompetent, dropping foul language on me, and while it may have been demeaning, it was all a piece of cake compared to what my child does to me. 

I listened to him scream on Wednesday.  I watched as I told him “no” and he would stomp his feet, ball up his fits, tilt back his head and then scream at the top of his lungs.  I listened to him terrorize our poor dog.   I dealt with a slap in the face, a literal one, which I didn’t exactly deal with very well.   I dealt with his temper tantrums at the fact that he was being told “no”.   He would climb on the fireplace and bang blocks on the gas stove, pull off the rubber protectors, try to tip over a plant stand, stick his fingers in the dogs ears, try to tear pages out of his books, and even try to climb up the kitchen counter to get to knives!   All of this in the span of one day, and this isn’t even cracking the surface with what he did including clawing my arm and bruising my leg.  What the heck is going on with my kid?

I literally called my husband and begged him to not work late on Wednesday.   I pleaded with him to just come home, to relieve me of my duties.   I even contemplated running away and told my husband that I might even go to the doctor to get myself sterilized because I don’t think I can handle another child.   Am I too old for this?   Did I wait too long to become a mom?   Or is it that the virtue of patience really did bypass me?   I have no clue, but I may seriously resolve to get a normal job in the New Year if this is how it keeps up.


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