Hip Hip Hooray for No More Christmas Vacation!

My husband was off a good bit during Christmas vacation.   He chose to take some time off, spend it with me and Davey, and to basically recharge his battery.   I blogged last week about how misery loves company and the fact that he hasn’t exactly been able to enjoy himself and completely relax while off.    Well, today it was back to the grindstone and honestly, I think both me and my husband were looking forward to it.

It’s great to have a partner in crime of sorts.    It means there is someone else who has your back.   It means that there is someone else to take over the some of the responsibilities so that for the first time you’re able to do something product.   It means that you can tag team your child, especially if he’s being a bit uncontrollably and unruly (something Davey is not).  Unfortunately, in this household it hasn’t exactly been that way.

Originally, I thought I could get caught up on some writing (which I did just not to the level I was hoping).   I thought I would get the house cleaned, but that didn’t happen.  I thought I would start de-Christmasing the house, but I fell short there.   I thought I would get started on reading a couple of books I had, but nope.   I thought I would get started painting the back porch.   I thought I would get a lot accomplished while my husband was home, but I actually ended up being further in the hole if that is at all possible.

My husband actually said to me that this past week and a half that he’s been off have been the most counter-productive of his entire life.   And who or what is to blame?    Me and him, but most certainly not Davey.

I got an iPad for Christmas and I’ve spent the better part of my free time playing on it.   My husband got a bunch of books for Christmas, so he’s been reading, something he hasn’t been able to do in months.   And then there was this ridiculously awesome marathon of probably one of the all time greatest television shows ever on…24!    So, basically we only left our recliners to play with Davey, put him to bed, feed him, go to the bathroom or get something to eat.   It’s ridiculous!

So, today, with my  husband at work and it just being me and Davey, I’ve created a list of things to get done this week (things I could have easily accomplished last week) and I’ve already managed to cross a few items off the list.

What is it with Christmas vacations and getting zero things accomplished?  Am I the only one?


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