Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep…YEAH!

As Davey and I were walking outside this morning to climb into my husband’s truck, something caught our attention.  Given the size of this distraction, it wasn’t unusual to see why our attention was diverted.   And just because of what it was, we had to stand in the drive way and watch the procession.

It was a sight I hadn’t seen and it truly made me smile and melted my heart.   There were nine dump trucks slowly making their way down our street.   It almost looked like a parade and with Davey’s latest fascination with big trucks, tractors, and machines it was almost like a little gift for him.   But the little gift for him soon became a gift for me.

One by one the trucks came down the road (side note:  our neighborhood is still under development and more lots are selling, hence more houses are going up).   The lead truck saw us standing in our driveway and he rolled down his window and waved at Davey.   Davey smiled and waved back.   And then each truck afterwards did the same thing.   Davey’s eyes lit up with wonder and excitement.

Finally, the last truck pulled up the rear and obviously she (that’s right I said “she”.   Why can’t a woman be a dump truck drive???) saw what each one of her counterparts before her were doing.   So, when it came her turn, she rolled down the window and waved and then honked her horn at Davey.   It was a small gesture, but it made him jump up and down and laugh with excitement.

Our world and the people in it, the strangers and the friends alike, never cease to amaze me.   I’m sure all nine of these truck drivers have since forgotten what they did for my little boy this morning, but I didn’t.   As we backed out of the driveway, the trucks were sitting at the top of the hill, I suppose waiting for their turn to get onto the jobsite.   Davey looked out the window and pointed at them trying with all his might to say the word “truck” and at one point even attempting to mimic the horn of the last truck.

I’ve always said it’s the little things in life that count the most.   Today was no exception.


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