The Voice Has Arrived

When is it going to happen for me?  For him?  For us?

What are our friends and family thinking about my abilities as a stay-at-home mom?   Am I falling short?

I’ve written numerous times about my incessant worrying as a stay-at-home mom.  I’ve told you all about how this job is more difficult than any other job I’ve had.  The stakes are higher with this.   There’s really no margin of error for screwing up.   His life is in my hands and I’m the one responsible for molding him into the young man he’s going to be one day.   It’s overwhelming!

Lately, I’ve taken to doing a lot of reading about where Davey should be developmentally.   I know he’s ahead of the game with his motor skills.   The boy can build 8 blocks high by himself.   He can hold a crayon in his hand and draw a line, a circle, and even try to color in a picture.   He’s been walking since 9 months, running since 10 months.   He can put the basketball in the goal, and can kick a soccer ball WHILE running.   Developmentally, Davey is kicking butt!    I couldn’t be prouder.

His comprehension skills are phenomenal.   He knows his animals, letters, and colors.   He’s able to pick them out and bring them to me.   He knows his body parts, or at least the most basic ones (we’ve learned them by doing the hokey pokey).   He knows which book is which and can bring me the one I ask for even when it’s stacked up in a different place on the shelf.   My son is a bright kid, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been worried about his speech skills.

For months, I’ve listened to other mommies boasting about how their little one is saying all of these magical words.   Little Susie can say “car” and “tree” and “dirt”, while little Bobby says “garbage”, “cake”, and “oven”.   Of course, little Susie and Bobby are also in Davey’s age range by at least a couple of months, but my little booger has held pretty steadfast to only saying “mama”, “dada”, and “sissy”.   I suppose I should be impressed that he can say sissy, and I am.   I just wish he would say more.   Well, that time has finally arrived.

Yesterday, Davey started saying the words “color” and “truck”.   At first, I was hesitant to get excited.   After all I didn’t want to be one of those moms who were projecting onto my child.   You all know what I mean.   I didn’t want to think I was hearing the word “color”, when actually he was doing nothing more that baby gab.   Fortunately, my husband was home for lunch yesterday while Davey and I were coloring.   Davey held up his crayon and said, “Color”.   I held my breath and didn’t even look at my husband.   I was sure he hadn’t heard it.   Then he jumped up from his stool at the counter and came running over to the table.

“Did you say ‘color’, buddy?” my husband asked.

Davey held up his crayon and said, “Color, Dada.”

I haven’t ever been so excited and I’m sure my excitement will be exacerbated each day as he learns something new, just like today when he finally said “truck” while looking at the cement truck across the street.

I’m so ecstatic that it’s finally happened!


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