No Pants Thursday

Apparently, it’s a new thing in our house.  I suppose that since every day of the week has a meaning and purpose to everyone else, then the days should have a meaning and purpose to my son as well.   Right?

As he’s getting older (and a lot smarter), we’re learning the days of the week.   While he may not say the days yet, he can pretty much point to the words on paper or on the calendar.   Maybe that means he’ll start reading soon?!?!?!  A mother can hope.

So, in my attempt to help Davey learn the days of the week, I’ve tried to give each day a fun theme.   Something he can stick to, like a Clean House Monday or a Wacky Wednesday.    They don’t have to rhyme and they don’t to serve any sort of purpose other than to help my child learn.    Well, today I forgot to give Thursday a theme when I got Davey out of bed.   Truthfully, this is so new for me, that I can’t seem to keep it at top of mind.    As a matter of fact, I became distracted with other things in the office, while Davey was watching his DVDs in the family room.   When I returned, what a shock I received!

My son was standing alongside the coffee table, his half empty sippy cup of milk sitting there patiently along with a handful of uneaten Froot Loops, not an unusual sight.    What really caught my attention were his bare legs and his pants down around his ankles, while he clapped along to the songs playing on the screen.   I couldn’t help but laugh and of course he turned around.

“What is this?” I asked Davey.

He patted his legs in the same way a penguin flaps its arms.   It’s something he does when he’s excited or happy.    Then he let out a little gobbledy gook of baby gab.

“Do we not like our pants?” I inquired.

He patted his legs again and attempted to dance around in a circle.

“So, I guess today is No Pants Thursday?”  I said almost as a question.

And to that Davey clapped his hands, which I can only assume means he agrees with today being No Pants Thursday.

So, here it is in our household…NO PANTS THURSDAY.    Have a blessed day.

Davey underwear


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