Christmas Gifts

I’ve spent the past week looking at pictures on Facebook.   It’s pretty much required me to spend the entire week looking at them, as I have a lot of friends and I’m super nosey and have a tendency to stalk them.   There, I’ve said it!   I’m a Facebook addict and stalker.   You don’t like it, un-friend me, or is the correct term “de-friend”?  Either way, what started this post was the fact that I’m a little curious on your take out there, parents. 

I’m a stay at home mom (obviously) and in order to become one, my husband and I had to make some monetary sacrifices.   We no longer have the luxury to buy nicer things, as there’s really no need for them at all.   Most of my son’s clothing comes from hand-me-downs, consignment sales, and family members buying for him (like both sets of grandparents and his aunt).  I’m not ashamed to admit that.   I’m actually proud of it, because while a lot of people are out there spending top dollar for name brand clothing for their little Junior or Susie to wear, I’m out there buying it for more than half off.  

Since Davey was only 14 months old at Christmas and still not fully comprehending everything, we decided to get away again this year with being very minimalistic with his Christmas presents.   I mean, the child loves the ribbon and tissue paper more than the actual gift itself.   So, this year we bought him a 200 piece megablock set and an easel.   That’s literally what came from me and my husband (and the easel was bought by my mother in law at a clearance price).   He’s played with both of them along with his other toys and hasn’t seemed bored.   But is it enough?

So, upon looking at Facebook pictures and reading status updates, I must admit I’m feeling a bit guilty for the fact that we didn’t spend a lot of money on Davey this year.   And truthfully, for those of you who purchase tons of gifts for Christmas for your little ones, do you purchase throughout the year and just save them up for Christmas or do you just save up money throughout the year to buy the gifts at the huge holiday sales?    And do you buy your children used toys as well?   Davey has a lot of those from consignment sales too.  

Should I feel guilty for not getting him as much?   And if I shouldn’t feel guilty about it then at what age should I start focusing more attention on the gifts?   I know I’m giving him (as well as my family) one of the greatest gifts by choosing to be a stay at home mom, but there are a few downsides and the biggest one is the monetary end.   Guess I’ll start saving now for Christmas 2013.