Blow Out Salons

When you become a mom or a parent (sometimes I forget that I have dads who read my blog), efficiency becomes your new word of the day. No wait, it’s your new word of the millennium. It’s no longer about you and the previous obstacles and hurdles you have to overcome in order to make the day work. You now have an additional challenge waiting for you…your child.

Every parent works out new ways to integrate their child into their normal daily routine. For me, this is how it went, especially when I was working. 5 am, I was up. I would shower, get ready, make coffee, and eat my breakfast. I would be completely ready to go by 6 am. At that point, I would then go wake my son, if he wasn’t already awake, feed him, clothe him and get him ready for daycare. I was out the door every morning no later than 7 am, which put me at getting to daycare by 7:10 and then back on the road to work by 7:15. I stopped to pick up a Starbucks on my way into the office and still managed to make it usually by 7:50 which is good for a work day that starts at 8.

I had my routine all set and it worked for me, but I understand for some it’s a challenge. Heck, for some of you out there, it’s a challenge to make it to work WITHOUT having a kid. I learned time-management, multi-tasking, and efficiency. Some nights I washed my hair BEFORE bed, so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it in the morning. It usually shaved about 15 minutes off of my time, and in the world of a kid 15 minutes is like a pot of gold!

So, where am I going with this blog? Well, I recently read a little article in my Parenting magazine. It’s about a way to help mommies (and daddies) to become more efficient with their time, to help them out in the personal appearance arena. These places are created specifically, as the article states, to save time. They’re called Blow-Out Salons and they’re created to help Mommies and Daddies get the latest and greatest in stylish hair everyday.

When I read the article, I nearly choked. Really? Have we become this vain, people? I mean I know I blogged about my vanity while being pregnant, but when you have a kid, you’re not as concerned about the color of your eye shadow as you are about making sure that Jr. is learning all he can. I don’t think you become as concerned about the latest hair style, as you are about making sure that your hair doesn’t get covered in spit up, or jam hands (that is unless you’re a part of Hollywood or the wealthy elite).

I couldn’t help but bring myself to blog about this. First off, you’re looking at a minimum of $35 for a salon blow out at most any place, and definitely at the four Parenting Magazine chose. In this economy, don’t you all think that $35 is better spent elsewhere or even SAVED! Second, how does it really save you time? Sure, you don’t exactly have to style your own hair, but you do have to get to the salon, even AFTER taking care of all other responsibilities and duties. What about traffic? Could it be worse near the salon? What if your stylist is late? There go the time savings out the door!

These salons are offering added little perks for your children as well, such as a hair styling for your Mini-Me, mimosa breakfasts and birthday parties.

I’m not sure if Parenting Magazine was looking to fill an extra space in this month’s issue or if editor(s) believe they are only catering to the wealthy. Either way, I can’t comprehend how something like this is considered an efficient use of parental time, not to mention an efficient use of income (or lack thereof).

What about the rest of you? What are your ideas on time management and efficiencies? What little routines did you have that made life more manageable when you became a parent? Perhaps we can hit up Parenting Magazine with some actual “real life” ways to help parents out.


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