Your Parents Are Talentless, Kid.

Every parent wants something more for their child.    I’m pretty hard pressed to find a parent who isn’t eager to have their little Jr. or Angel become the greatest athlete of all time, or the newest prodigy in the arts.   Every parent seeks this for all of their children, that’s why we’re willing to sacrifice so much for our kids.

Me?  I sacrificed my career for Davey.   Truth be known, it wasn’t much of a career, but my personal dreams and aspirations were put on stand by so that I could devote all of my time and energy to raising our son.   So, that’s one thing I’m doing in the hopes of making my son be all he can be, but there’s something else that I’m a little concerned about.  It’s called talent.     

This past weekend, while my husband and I were watching the Today Show, there was a story of a 6 year old little girl who is already able to play the piano flawlessly.   There’s more to it than that, she’s also able to write her own operas.  Many in the music world and well just the world in general are calling her a prodigy.   So, I ask my husband, “how does a kid become a prodigy?   What can I do to help make my kid into a prodigy?”  And just as I’m asking these questions, we’re told that the little girl’s parents are both musicians.   My balloon quickly deflated, because really, my husband and I are pretty much talentless. 

It kinda makes me feel bad for my kid and any future kids we may have.   They’re doomed to have dull and boring parents who thereby will pass on their dull and boring genes to their offspring.   Sigh.   So, in my effort to try to find some sort of gift I could pass onto my son, I’ve been on a bit of a brainstorming mission.   And here’s what I’ve come of with….once again my husband and I have zero talent to offer our kid.

My husband played football and rugby in college.   He continued to play rugby after college up until about 5 years ago.   He claims to be average with it as well as with football.   He’s not very fast, but he is athletic.   As for the brains department, I really hope Davey gets my husband’s intelligence.   Perhaps he can take it to the next level and become a doctor and discover a cure for cancer.   It’s a dream, a possibility.  

Me?   I’ve got nothing other than perseverance, which is one of my greatest traits.   But how is perseverance going to make my child into a prodigy?   It’s not.   So, what else do I have to offer?   Again a big goose egg.  

Each day, as I watch Davey learn and grow, I’m amazed as to how far he’s come in a year’s time.   I love the fact that he’s constantly entertained by books and not the television.   I mean I have a kid who lasts maybe 30 seconds in front of a television before he’s bored.   I love the fact that he’s super analytical with everything, spending hours studying every little pore and crevice of whatever is within his reach.  

Our pediatrician says that he’s ahead of the game with motor skills, but exactly where he should be with everything else, so maybe I’m pushing too hard or expecting too much.   I’m eager to find that one talent that will carry him far in life.  I’m eager for him to be more than my husband and I ever were.   I’m eager for perhaps too much.   I should sit back and just say, “Go, Davey!   You’re rocking it, kid!”  

Unfortunately, I can’t help but fall back to the fact that my kid is doomed at least in the talent department.


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