My Little Daredevil

I have a little boy, so that obviously means I have a daredevil on my hands, right?  Personally, I think my son has taken his appetite for adventure a little too far these days.

As you’re all aware, Davey celebrated his first birthday a week and a half ago.   One of the gifts he got was a Power wheels four wheeler from my mom and dad.   Before any of you start going berserk about him being too young for one of these, let me just say it’s a Fisher Price four wheeler specifically made for 12-36 months.   It does not go in reverse and it has just one button to push which makes the thing go 2 mph.   It’s not very fast.

Davey picked up on the mechanics behind operating the machine pretty quickly.  As a matter of fact, he was driving it by the next day!   Of course, it’s taken some time to learn how to steer it AND drive it, but we take everything one step at a time.  

By that first afternoon, Davey was already driving the four wheeler while standing up.   He was refusing to sit down, and since he couldn’t steer it, he was running over everything that he possibly could, even the dog.    Usually after about five or ten minutes of this, he’s ready to hop off and start pushing it around the house.   We’ve quickly nixed that since we don’t want him to ruin the motor, which means we can’t just leave it sitting anywhere on the floor.  

I decided to place the four wheeler, when not in use, on the fireplace.   It keeps it within reach, so I don’t have to go into another room, but it also keeps it out of Davey’s reach, or so I thought.

Last week, I left the room long enough to take a bathroom break.   As a side note let me just say that I so miss the days of my child being immobile.   I think I’ve blogged about that in the past.   It was such a blessing to just leave him in one place and know that he wasn’t going anywhere.   I got so much more accomplished and I was actually able to breath.  On the plus side, I think I’m shedding some extra pounds by the fact that he is mobile now, since I’m running after him so much.   Anyways, let’s get on with my story. 

So while I’m in the bathroom (just doing number 1, folks), I hear the sound of the four wheeler.   I pause for just a second.   After all, there’s no way it could be moving, right?   I had to have imagined it, because the sound only happened for just a split second.   My imagination, I laughed, but then I heard it again and it wouldn’t stop! 

Quickly, I pulled up my pants, jumped over the baby gate and rounded the corner only to see my little angel (insert sarcasm) standing up on the four wheeler which is on the fire place and trying to get it to drive over the padding that we’ve installed on the edges of the fireplace to protect his noggin should he fall.   I yelled at him to stop and as I’m running to him, my little bundle of joy (again insert sarcasm) turns around while still pushing the button on the four wheeler, and laughs at me! 

Needless to say, the four wheeler is now in another room.   Sigh!


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