Sharing his life

I watched an interesting news story on the Today Show this morning.   Well, I don’t know that it’s actually considered news, but Willie Giest did an interview with a young woman who has made a career out of blogging about parents who “over share” pictures and events in their children’s lives.   While, I haven’t read the blog, it has gotten me to thinking…do I over share?

I think it’s a pretty fair question to ask myself.   And if I’m going to ask it, shouldn’t I be honest?   So, yeah, I do think I’m a parent guilty of over sharing, but am I worried about the impact it’s having on the lives of my friends who are forced to deal with the daily tweets, status updates, and overly adorable pictures of my one and only? Absolutely not!

Personally, I believe sharing or even “over sharing” is a rite of passage once you become a parent.   Not all parents take part in it, but those who do don’t feel even slightly ashamed by it and why should they?   I love checking my Facebook on a regular basis (sometimes I am guilty of over-checking, perhaps there should be a blog on those people) and seeing hilarious anecdotes from my friends about what their little angels, or in some cases monsters, have done during the day.   I love seeing the pictures of Jr. dressed up like a mini-daddy or Angel donning mommy’s way too big high heels.

Of course this also leads to the parents who take over sharing to a whole new level.  So, let’s break it down…There are at least 3 levels of sharers and I like to think that I fit into the second level.

  1.  Typical Sharer:  these are the parents who only share when asked by others.   They may also post a random picture on Facebook or Twitter, but never post status updates.   This would be my husband.
  2. Over-Sharer:  these are the parents who are constantly posting pictures and status updates.   These parents will post a minimum of 3 pictures a day and at least 2 comments or status updates associated with their little bundle of joy.   These parents try to be conscious of just how often they’re sharing the goings on of their little honey pot with the world.
  3. Obscene Sharer:  these parents aren’t necessarily posting obscene pictures or status updates.   Remember, obscene doesn’t have to mean smutty or salacious, it can represent a huge amount.   So, these parents are sharing some of the most shocking things about their kids and sometimes much too often.  It can be everything from little Sammy’s first poop in the toilet, to 56 pictures about little Susie trying to stand up (for the umpteenth time).   These parents do not wait to be asked to share, and are more than willing to not really censor themselves either.   The world of social media was created specifically for this set of parents, or so they’ve convinced themselves in order to maintain their levels of denial about being an obscene over-sharer.

Out of the three “Sharers” listed above, I’m curious as to where other mommies and parents feel they fall.   Regardless of which level, parents should never be ashamed of sharing the exciting times of their child’s life.   It’s only natural to be over-joyed when little Johnny hits his first ever home run, and if my Davey does that, you’d better bet your Aunt Ruthie’s house I’m going to share it with everyone.   And if Davey makes the honor roll?  Yep, you’ll all know about it, either via Facebook, Twitter, or this blog.   When Davey uses the toilet for the first time?   Maybe not so much sharing going on there.   While it will be a proud moment in this house, I just don’t think the rest of the world will see it that way.


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