Let’s Play a Game of Memory

I’m completely amazed at how quickly my son learns.   I’m shocked and in awe over how much he grows every day, even though I may push him a bit too hard.   His brain is a sponge these days, and he seems to be able to soak up more than I thought possible.

At yesterday’s doctor’s appointment, we were told he’s ahead of the game developmental especially with his motor skills.   As for everything else, he’s on schedule with where he needs to be, which encourages me to try harder.    So, I’ve decided to turn our days and routines into a game.   I’ve found that my son wants to learn, he’s eager to know as much as possible.    It’s rather obvious when he’s more content with spending his time in the floor surrounded by books, than watching television.

One thing I’ve started doing is a tweaked version of the old memory game I played as a child.   For those of you unaware of the game, it is a set of cards with pictures on one side.   For each card with a picture, there is a matching card to go along with it.  You take the cards; flip them over on the table so that you’re unable to see the object on the other side.   Then you start picking cards, flipping them over one at a time and trying to find the mate.    It’s a fun game, one that I’ve modified a bit for Davey.

Instead of actually using the cards and trying to match up generic objects, I’m trying to use pictures of people important in his life, pictures of our family.

Since my husband is from Western New York, we don’t get to see his family as much as we do my family.   I’m worried that Davey won’t recognize them, or that it may take a little bit of time for him to remember them, plus I’m anxious to get him to start talking more.    So, I’ve taken 4 x 6 individual close up pictures of my husband’s family, and then I’ve written their names on a 4 x 6 index card.   I know he can’t read yet, but having their names written on the card that we can then match up with their picture just encourages his continued absorption in his brain.    It can’t really hurt, right?

We haven’t gotten far with this game especially since I just started the game two days ago.    I love to watch Davey’s eyes light up.    He knows the faces especially right now since his Grammy and Aunt Dee Dee were in town to visit all last week.   He still tries to say Dee Dee which is a good sign (and he even says Sissy these days for our dog Dixie.)

Every day I’m trying to find new and fun ways for Davey to learn.    I want him to be more than me.   I want him to have more than me.

I’m curious as to what methods other moms out there use when it comes to aiding in the developmental growth of their children.


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