All In a Day’s Work

Why is it everything hits at one time?   Life is much like an a snowball in an avalanche.   Problems start out small and only grow bigger and faster with each passing day.   I’m sure I’m making our problems into issues bigger than what they are, especially considering the real problems of the world. 

Yesterday was my first day at home in my official capacity of SAHM (Stay At Home Mom for those of you who are horrible with acronyms).   I don’t want to mislead my readers into thinking that I was under the impression that SAHMs are glamorous roles, because they’re not.  Everything you see on television and read in magazines isn’t true.   Most of those moms have in-house nannies, maids and cooks, so while they may be a “SAHM” they’re not exactly on the same playing field as the rest of us non-celebrity, middle-income SAHMs. 

Davey is still suffering from the remnants of having the croup last week.  No longer is he tortured with the barking cough, now it’s the cold with the incessant runny nose, the wet cough that shows he’s breaking up the mucus in his chest, but also the gagging that follows as he can’t seem to get rid of the broken up gunk he’s coughing up.   Sleeping is miserable for all parties involved and unfortunately any routine I had planned to set this week is immediately out the window.   Having a sick child, who by the way is also teething, means you fly by the seat of your pants.  

I spent the better part of yesterday walking around with him in my arms as he cried in misery most of the day.   He’s not running a fever and there’s really nothing more that can be done for him.   The cold has to run its course and well the teething will be ongoing for quite some time.   I had my whole first day set up, but unfortunately that plan was a waste of my time.   The good thing?  I have a lifetime ahead of me to accomplish some of the things I want to accomplish each day, things that aren’t directly affecting Davey, like organizing a bathroom, loosing about 20 pounds and getting back into my 3 + mile a day runs, even cleaning baseboards and blinds.   All of this stuff takes backseat and since I’m not working at a normal 9-5 job, it means I have all the time in the world.

The downside to being a SAHM is merely in the monetary sense.   We have one less income, so anything superfluous can’t be attained.   Any sort of frivolous item has to wait until we save up the money which is something we’re not used to.  And of course now that I’m not working and we’re on a stricter budget things seem to break around the house, like the receiver for the television or the Blu-Ray player (both of which are Sony and this is the 2nd time in my life I’ve owned something Sony that has broken.  I’m done with these jokers!).   The good thing about the broken items is that they aren’t necessities. 

What is a necessity is a smiling, happy baby.   A necessity is having a well-rounded (physically and figuratively) baby.  So having a day of sweeping with a baby in my arms, folding clothes with a baby in my arms, wiping snot, changing diapers, breathing treatments, feedings and one on one time with my little Bubbaloo is all in a day’s work.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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