Thank Goodness for Mimi!

I don’t remember much about my grandparents.  My Granny died when I was six, my Grandma when I was 15.  My Papa died before I was born, and my mom’s dad was never really around, at least not in the grandfather capacity.  My husband has 3 grandparents still living, so Davey has 2 Great Grandmothers and 1 Great Grandfather.  And of course Davey has his Grammy and Grandpa (my husband’s parents) along with Mimi and Papa (my mom and dad).  We’re all very fortunate to have such a support network.   I’m finding myself more and more thankful for them everyday.

The thing I’m learning about grandparents is that they can also be used for my selfish purposes.  Ok, Ok, before all of you start getting upset with me and spatting out words like selfish, disrespectful, manipulative and inconsiderate, hear me out, or er read me out!

I’m not sure if it’s because grandparents have raised their own kids at some point in the past, but they seem to have this innate ability to be more to their grandkids than what they were to their own kids.   It’s very rare to hear the word “no” come out of a grandparent’s mouth when talking to their grandchild.   And in most cases, well at least in mine and my husband’s, we quickly rank second to our son at least in our parent’s eyes.  

And since I’m learning that grandparents are so eager to have time with their grandchildren and so eager to please them and make them happy, I’m taking advantage of it especially with my parents.  (cue the devious laughter)

Today after church, we went to my parent’s house for lunch and a little bit of R&R and recharging of our batteries.  You see, I enjoy seeing my parents.  I love them with all my heart and I’m truly thankful and blessed to have them in my life, but when it comes down to it, my parents will gladly take the side of my child as opposed to me.   And, hey, I’m ok with that!  Because basically it means I can pawn Davey off on them for a few hours, so that I can have some time to myself.  Granted I’m still in the house, sometimes same room, as Davey when we’re at my parents, but knowing that my mom will willingly take him out of my arms as soon as I’ve nursed him puts a smile on my face.   This is way better than a spa treatment!

I was able to accomplish a half hour nap today as well as some solitude to read a book.  My husband took advantage of a nice recliner with a massager built-in while also taking a nap and the entire time we didn’t hear Davey cry and we didn’t hear him fuss.  He stayed curled up in his Mimi’s arms and slept!

And, oh yeah, one more thing about grandparents…not only are they awesome as babysitters, but they’re free and in some cases we can actually come away with clothing and toys for Davey, which we did today!  So, I’m here to say that grandparents rule!   Make sure they develop a bond with your child especially for your own sanity.

Thank God for grandparents and more specifically for Mimi today.  


One thought on “Thank Goodness for Mimi!

  1. I wouldn’t trade the time I spent with my grandparents for anything. It’s awesome for Davey (& you) that he has so many around who want to be apart of his life. I’m so thankful my boys have had involved & super helpful grandparents too.

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