An Isaac Newton On My Hands

My kid is a genius!   I mean, he’s not just, “look I can follow the sound of your voice” genius.   I mean, he’s the actual “sit under the tree apple, fall on the head thus producing the theory of gravity” genius.  I know, all of you other mommies out there think your kid is pretty smart too, but mine has yours beat!  

Davey has a bad case of eczema, so we’re forced to keep his hands covered.  Mittens weren’t exactly doing the trick, so we decided to put socks on his hands since the top parts go all the way up his arms and are actually tighter, meaning it’s a lot more difficult for them to come off or so we thought.   So, here’s where Davey is super smart pre 4 months of age…he will hold both hands in front of him, arms stiff, and with his left hand pull the right sock off in one foul swoop!   That’s incredible, right?   Ok, so maybe your kid can do that as well, but I have more.

Again take into consideration that Davey is just shy of 4 months.   So, what makes him a genius?   Well, how about this:  he can already stand!   Yeah, that’s right!  You read correctly, my boy can stand!   Ok, so granted, he takes a little coaxing and you do have to provide him some support, but his legs are really strong and it takes gumption to try to walk before you can crawl, which is exactly what he’s trying to do.   So, maybe that’s not genius and I can sense you all starting to get bored, so here it is!   The one thing that makes my kid Albert Einstein….drum roll please….

He has something else that he’s learned to do that elicits a giggle and big grin from him as well as me and his daddy.  Much like with pulling his socks off his hands,  Davey will extend out his arms, locking them stiff at the elbow and with his left hand he pulls the index finger of his right hand, and wait for it, wait for it…

HE FARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what does he do?   He pulls that same finger over and over until he’s completely outta gas!  

So take that all you other mommies out there!   My kid’s a genius!


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