It’s Catching

I stopped everything I was doing.   I couldn’t help myself, it was almost as if I no longer had control over my body or movements.  Perhaps that’s a stretch and I did have control, but my mind pretty much blocked out everything else.   I should have been getting in the car to go home, but I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything else once it happened.   All I wanted to do was soak it all in, drench myself in the euphoria it brought forth.   I didn’t want the feeling to stop.  I didn’t want to think about it stopping.   Could I just freeze time?

Then today it happened again!   It’s so intoxicating and addictive!  My husband and I both found ourselves blocking out our surroundings just to bask ourselves in the little paradise that had been carved out for us.   Anything that may have gone wrong in the day was completely washed away.   Any thoughts of chores to be accomplished were immediately moved to tomorrow.   Anything that seemed to be the next event of the day quickly became replaced.  

There’s something about a child’s first laugh that really brings a parent down to their knees.   And I’m not talking about a little smile or grin or smirk.  I’m talking about a full volume belly shaking laugh.   The kind of laugh that is just so infectious that you can’t help but laugh as well and your laughs bring about tears, but they’re tears of joy.  

Davey had his first belly giggle on Friday when I picked him up from daycare.    It happened just as I was changing his diaper and I laughed so hard with him, I actually hurt and then I cried because that laugh was truly the greatest joy I’d experienced in quite some time.  

And, boy, oh boy, that giggle is catching!


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