Something New Each Day

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not too worried about giving birth. Actually, I don’t think I’m nervous about bringing my son home either.

I’ve spoken to a couple of my friends who have given birth, and even one whose due date was today (she’s only dilated 1 cm, so it may be a while). These friends have expressed their fears within the weeks before their children were born. These fears have included what will happen when the husbands go back to work and leaves them alone with the baby, a fear of not being fully prepared with the baby’s room and necessities, and a fear of what happens if the baby won’t stop crying. I suppose I’m a bit naive in thinking that there’s no real reason for the fears and worries. I’ll learn as I go along, right? Of course that could change as my due date gets closer.

Today; however, I did have a bit of a paranoia hit me and I had to text my friend, Stephanie, to help me out. Ok, when I tell you the reason for my neurotic state, you’re probably all going to laugh and think I’ve lost my mind. Before I tell you what happened, let me just explain what led up to this jolt of fear.

I had a beautiful shower on Saturday with all of my best girlfriends. It was an absolutely wonderful and magical occasion and kudos to my friends for going to such amazing extremes for me and my son. I can’t thank them enough. I accumulated a lot of goodies and things that my son and husband and I desperately need. Another added benefit of this shower included a diaper cake, which I absolutely adore. I’m mesmerized with diaper cakes (whoever came up with the idea is a genius) and they have one of the greatest necessities for a mother-to-be…DIAPERS.

Tonight, I decided to unpack everything which meant also taking apart the diaper cake so that I could easily store everything and get myself organized (I am a bit OCD). As I began taking apart the diaper cake, I opened up the diapers to look for a size, falsely assuming that a size would be listed inside just like with pants, shorts, and all clothing. I literally tore apart 5 diapers frantically searching for a size, but I couldn’t find any. I sat down in my rocking chair and began to quickly rock myself as the thought came into my mind that “OMG I don’t even know how to find the size of the diapers, how am I supposed to take care of my child?”

I took a couple of deep breaths and thought about what to do. I didn’t want to text Stephanie or anyone for that matter. I didn’t even want to call my mother. I was afraid of what they would think of me. I pondered the thought of googling where to find a diaper size when I finally just sucked up my pride and texted Stephanie. For those of you who don’t know, a diaper’s size is on the front of the diaper! Imagine that!

So, with this one little speed bump tackled, I began to organize my diapers when another thought hit me. How do I know what size to put my son in? Am I the only one in this world who doesn’t know this or seems to question this? I have three freaking degrees and I don’t even know where to find the size on diapers or what size to put on my son at each stage of his life! This is ridiculous! Some of the diapers I have are still in their original boxes, so I’m able to determine what size to put him in, but what about those that aren’t clearly labeled? So, I googled “diaper sizes” to find out.

For those of you unsure, here’s the breakdown:
Newborn: Up to 10 lbs
Size 1: 8-14 lbs
Size 2: 12-18 lbs
Size 2-3: 14-22 lbs
Size 3: 16-28 lbs
Size 4: 22-37 lbs
Size 5: 27+ lbs
Size 6: 35+ lbs

Whew! I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief at least until the next obstacle comes along!


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