Am I Getting It Back Two-Fold?

Last week I had another doctor’s appointment.    This one was for my chromosomal testing.   Thanks to my age, my pregnancy is considered high risk which means numerous things.   First of which is the fact that my baby is more likely to develop disorders such as Down Syndrome.   Second, I”m a lot more likely to develop high blood pressure as well as other little medical maladies.   Finally, this all means that my insurance company pays for a lot more of the testing.  

This doctor’s appointment I decided to go alone as opposed to having my husband with me.  I really didn’t know what I was in for, but knew that it was going to take at least an hour for the entire appointment.   When I arrived, I barely had time to sit down and get comfortable before I was called back.   The sonogram technician, Beth, brought me back to her room, but asked me if I needed to use the facilities.   I was a little stumped because with most of my visits, the doctor needs a urine specimen and  I specifically made sure I had drunk enough water that morning to accommodate.   I looked at Beth for a moment a little perplexed and then opened my mouth to protest when she quickly stopped me.   They didn’t need a urine sample this time and I would appreciate the opportunity to empty my bladder considering how much she was going to poke and prod at me.  I still didn’t quite understand, but I obeyed.   After I made it back to her room, Beth gelled up my belly and placed the sonogram on my belly, pushing and prodding as she searched out Butterbean.  It only took a couple of minutes before we were able to see my baby.   So, I let out a breath, relieved that we were still able to see my baby.   Unfortunately, there was more to be seen and had.

With this particular appointment, the doctor needed to be able to see Butterbean active and moving.   They needed to see the base of the baby’s neck.  I suppose I should have asked more about the reasons behind that, but I didn’t care for the reasons, only for them to see what they needed to see.  So, Beth pushed on my abdomen more, manipulating the sonogram as she frantically looked for ways to see Butterbean in action.   Unfortunately, Butterbean was not willing to cooperate.   Beth asked for me to cough really hard and perhaps that would jar Butterbean awake.   I obliged her, digging deep down for a good solid cough that would surely vibrate my baby into action.   Nope.   Didn’t happen.   As a matter of fact, Butterbean raised its right arm and put it behind its head!  Can you believe that?   And I watched it all on the screen right in front of me.   Beth laughed but continued to move the sonogram around my belly, pushing harder in certain locations.   After a few more minutes of this, she asked me to stand up and do a few jumping jacks.   Perhaps the activity would wake up Butterbean.   Didn’t work either.   As a matter of fact, my child decided to put its thumb in its mouth.   I laid there for a moment, my mouth ajar in a bit of shock that my child was already being so uncooperative.   Was this a sign of things to come?   Surely not!

After a few more minutes of this and my positions constantly changing, Beth decided to take a break and see if she could find the doctor.  Perhaps he could see the base of the baby’s neck or have a way to wake it up.   When Beth left the room, I placed both hands on my belly and began to plead with my child to cooperate even if only for a moment, to just give me a few minutes of movement.   After all, the week before this kid was kung-fu fighting!   I took a deep breath and laid my head back and started to think.   Was this the start of me getting everything I had put my parents through?   Was my child repaying me for some of the grief I had placed upon my parents?   Was this a sign that my child was going to be even more un-manageable than I was?   I certainly hope not!  Watching my child adamantly refusing to cooperate in the womb was already leaving a small pit of despair in me.   Great!   And then I thought, this kid doesn’t have a chance, not to mention my husband and me.   My husband and I are like two peas in a pod.  Our personality are so similar it’s scary, and our biggest traits that we share…..STUBBORN & HARD-HEADED.   My kid has a double dose.  God help me!

A few moments later the doctor came into the room and once again my belly was gelled up.   This time; however, it only took a matter of seconds before Butterbean began moving and we were able to see what we needed to.   I breathed a sigh of relief and looked at my watch.  I had already been at the doctor for over an hour.  Thanks, Butterbean, for making mommy late for work!  

Good thing is that all tests came back negative and our baby is healthy.   We received new ultrasound pictures and I’ve carried them around eager to show anyone who will look.   Bad thing……my child is going to be exactly like my husband and I.   Are we ready to handle that?   My parents find it humorous.   Of course they would, their finally seeing justice and feeling vindicated for all the punishments they doled out to me and my brother when we were children.   Only time will tell how Butterbean’s personality will be and how my husband and I will deal with it.  But as my dad said, we just want a healthy baby, we can deal with the stubbornness later.   He’s exactly right!


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