Research & Note Taking

This is unbelievable!   I mean who knew that there was so much involved in buying baby furniture?   My mind was inundated and overloaded with so much information this weekend, that I think I had a mild anxiety attack.  

Saturday my husband and I went on a quest to buy a crib.   I consider ourselves to be pretty fortunate in that the only furniture we really need to purchase is the crib and a glider or rocker of sorts I can use while nursing.   I thought it was actually going to be a piece of cake when it came time to shop for the crib.   After all, let’s be realistic, it’s a crib that your child is only going to be in for a few years.   How hard can this be?    Boy, was I completely naive and stupid to think that I could go into a store see a couple of cribs and pick one out.    First off, the number of styles available is more plentiful than the number of children Brad and Angelina want to adopt in this world!   Secondly, there is everything from wood, to vinyl, to steel and even iron available, not to mention the fact that the wood itself can range from cypress to maple to oak and really I can’t even imagine what else.   Next, you have the ones that will convert into a toddler bed, then into a normal twin size bed.  There are the ones that have huge head boards, ones that look like sleigh beds and ones that are so ornately carved they look like they need to be in the castle of Ludwig the II!  It’s insanity and I literally felt my head start to pound and my heart beat began to increase.   And then there’s the price of these bad boys!   Mother of God, some of these beds cost more than my car!  Ok, so I exaggerate a bit, but still mine and my husband’s king size bed didn’t cost as much as some of these cribs.  

After looking and price shopping, we settled on an absolutely beautiful off white crib, with minimal design, but a firm frame that will hold together.   The bed can change into 5 positions, a lot more positions than I change when having sex.   Kidding!   So, crib has been purchased, but wanna know something absurd, but not really absurd when you think about it?   The crib doesn’t come with a mattress!  Well, duh!   I don’t know why I ever thought otherwise, especially since any bed I’ve bought in my life never included a mattress.   I blame my pregnancy brain and my child sucking my neurons from me on that little lapse in thinking.   Before we closed the deal on the crib, the salesman took us over to the mattress.  There was a wall of 15 mattresses!   What the heck was this all about?   There are firm mattresses, fiber mattresses, double firm, double padded, eco-friendly, coil mattresses and even textured ones!   I looked at my husband as the salesman continued to talk.  Periodically, I made eye contact with the salesman only to notice that I was the only one he was speaking to.  He was completely ignoring my husband.   I wanted to scream at him to direct his selling to my husband as my brain was on such overload I couldn’t possibly decide on a mattress at this point.  After all, I like a firm mattress and I know my child needs a firm one, but maybe Butterbean won’t like extra firm, or maybe Butterbean will be green and resent me for not getting an eco-friendly one.    I looked at my husband and told him to just buy the crib and we’ll work on the mattress later.   I do have 5 & 1/2 months after all.

So, I’ve spent a good portion of my weekend reading reviews on crib mattresses, comparing designs and even asking my unborn child what it would like (as if it could really answer).   I was afraid this was going to happen with me at some point when I became pregnant and my fear has come to fruition.  I have purchased a notebook and I am currently researching everything a child needs, what’s good and what’s bad and taking my notes.   Have I gone over the edge yet?   I think I jumped off the edge a long time ago, but I will survive and my brain will go into overload from time to time.  It’s a part of life and a part of my personality.  God help my child.


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