An Impossible Feat?

Last Friday, I posted a blog discussing the horrible effects of the added sugar in your diet. I promised a blog starting Monday where I would discuss my travels down sugar free lane, and unfortunately I’ve broken the cardinal rule of blogging…NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH!

I could spend this blog offering up excuses, but that’s a waste of space and time. What I should and will do is start blogging about my journey right now, and let me start by saying that the beast is proving a bit hard to tame.

The path to a sugar free world is paved with good intentions, intentions that I find to be blissfully beautiful in theory, but in reality they’re a bit tarnished. I thought I could go into this much like I do a lot of things…just get started. I didn’t plan. I didn’t count on obstacles. And I definitely didn’t count on an agent working against me.

One of the first rules of thumb with any goal that you set is to make a plan on how to achieve that goal. I should have gone grocery shopping, planned out our meals, and prepared myself. I did none of the above. Secondly, I didn’t count on obstacles, of which would be a sick 11 month old who needed my full attention thereby not allowing me to devote any energy on said goal. And finally, I didn’t expect my husband to work against me on this.

I consumed less sugar on Monday and even less than that on Tuesday, but I haven’t made the healthiest of meals. I cut out all sodas, consumed more water, and even added more fiber into my diet. I did all of this, but it’s still not what I was completely hoping for. And I definitely didn’t hope for my husband to bring home a box of knock off Girl Scout cookies in my favorite flavor! Yes, he did that! Way to help your wife!

Like any good person who has a goal and little will-power, I did the best thing I could do. I ate the entire box of cookies in one sitting. That’s right. I figured that since I didn’t exactly start out the correct way, then I should just scratch day one completely off the calendar as a massive failure and remove all temptation from the house, and that’s what I did. I ate all the cookies, all the chocolate, and anything else that had sugar in it, all in an effort to completely remove temptation.

Now, I’m starting over from scratch again. This time I’m developing a plan to remove the sugar and creating new meals. And as I said before, I could use your ideas, recipes, and encouragement. I may have suffered a setback, but I will persevere. Stay tuned as I share my efforts.


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