No, I didn’t sneeze and unfortunately, I’m unsure if you sneezed either, plus I’m not German. When you sneeze, I use the good ole “God Bless You”. My husband’s side of the family has German ancestry, but they don’t speak German. I can only assume the term was used in place of “God Bless You” in the name of “political correctness” and that’s the reason Davey has given his first ever imaginary friend the name, “Gesundheit”.

The first we ever heard of this “friend” was the weekend of the UGA/Clemson game. I was down in Athens with friends, getting my much needed R&R while Dave stayed home with the boys. Dave called me mid-morning to ask what I knew about Gesundheit. My response, “isn’t it German for health or bless you or something?” Apparently, it was more than just that.

I listened as Davey ran to the bathroom to potty and yelled for Gesundheit to come along. That’s when I was informed that Gesundheit was the imaginary friend. My husband asked how I felt about this “friend”. I replied, “fine.” I’m not sure what he was looking for.

I don’t recall if I ever had an imaginary friend. My husband claims he never had one. I think it’s adorable and imaginative to have the friend. I find it humorous the name he was given, but what I also find to be comedic is how much Davey puts into his “friendship”.

For example, Davey was quick to tell his daddy to move out of the way because he was standing on Gesundheit. Then he likes to tell Gesundheit “secrets” and of course, there’s the infamous blaming it on Gesundheit. I enjoy listening to his adventures and places he goes with Gesundheit. It’s just a bit bothersome at times when we leave the house and we’ve apparently left Gesundheit behind. When I ask where he is, Davey becomes frustrated that I don’t “see” Gesundheit. How frustrating, indeed.

For the most part, Gesundheit has been one of the easiest additions to our family. He doesn’t cost us anything, but yet for some reason he’s really good at destroying things. I once asked Davey how long Gesundheit would stay with us.

“He’ll be here forever, Mommy!”

Great! I’m ecstatic with the idea of what else Gesundheit can do.


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