What Does Davey Know?

I have a smart child. I know, I know, every mother out there says the same thing and I’m sure there are children out there a lot smarter than mine, but this mama certainly does feel that her son holds something special.

Monday, I went to my second doctor’s appointment since finding out I was pregnant. Of course, we were able to get another ultrasound with a picture thanks to the really weird uterus I have (remember I’ve blogged about this before). The nurse handed me a long sleeve of new pictures to bring home. First, before I go any further, let me just say how simply AMAZED I am as to how fast a baby grows! I mean, I know that Davey is growing quickly before my eyes, but a baby that’s in the womb? In a short three weeks time, my baby has gone from a Butterbean to having legs and arms along with a nose and even definitive eye sockets! How crazy!

After dinner that evening, I was lying on our bed upstairs. My husband brought Davey to me and I turned a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on for Davey as he cuddled up beside me in the bed. At one point, as I was looking at the pictures of the new baby, Davey turned around. He slid back towards my head and then looked over my shoulder. I told him this was Mama’s new baby. He pointed at my belly and said “Baby”. He learned this a few weeks back and will gladly show anyone and everyone that he knows where the baby is.

I said “yes, that’s where mama’s baby is.” Then I asked him if he wanted a little brother or little sister. He said, “sissy”. He didn’t even hesitate, he just spit it out. I asked him if he was sure and he nodded his head “yes”. I said “ok”. We, then, went back to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. After about 20 minutes and completely out of the blue, my son did something that nearly brought tears to my eyes. It was something that just made my heart swell and reaffirmed mine and my husband’s decision to bring another child into this world. It was something that made me feel that I DO have the smartest child in the world. It was something that could be used in a Mother’s Day ad (much like the Publix one that makes me tear up every time).

My beautifully intelligent, overly inquisitive, and big-hearted little boy placed his head on my belly (which really hasn’t gotten that big yet) and said, “hey, sissy.” I certainly do hope that if this is a little girl I’m carrying she heard how much her big brother loves her already and if it’s a little boy, well I hope he doesn’t kick Davey’s butt for referring to him as a girl.


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