Speak Easy, My Son

This is a fun time, or I suppose it should be. Nah! It is a fun time. I find myself chuckling more and more everday as my son continues to find his voice.

He says “Mama”, “Dada”, & “Dixie” and has for quite some time. Occasionally, we’ll get the word “duck” or even “color”, but over the past couple of weeks Davey’s vocabulary has expanded almost as drastically as his weight (my child jumped from the 75th to the 92nd percentile in weight in less than 3 months…a story for another day).

And I suppose what I’m enjoying almost as much as his new words is the amount of inflection he puts on each one, or the dramatics that come along with it. Here’s a good example. While watching the NCAA tournament, Davey picked up on the fact that my husband and I will raise our fists in the air and yell “go”. Quickly, he learned the word and even began mimicking our actions. The only problem is that his “go” coupled with the fist pumping, reminds me of Arsenio Hall and his Dog Pound (you all know what I’m talking about!)

His next favorite word is becoming my least favorite, especially since he knows the semantics behind it (you know, it’s really amazing how quickly these kiddos catch on!) Lately, Davey has developed a fondness for the word “mine”. And EVERYTHING is his these days. This includes the toilet paper, the keys, the seat cushion, the flower petal in the yard, the blinds, my iPad…you catch my drift. He wakes up in the mornings saying, “Dixie, mine”, while pointing to our dog. Really? Are you the one taking care of her? I think not! So, until that happens, she’s not yours! I’m falling asleep to his little voice saying “mine”. Yikes!

Another word he’s come up with is “guys”. I don’t know where this came from, especially since us southern country folk use the term “y’all” all the time. I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how he became Yankee-fied! LOl! My husband and I can be sitting in the family room watching television, next thing you know Davey comes running in yelling “Guys!” It’s quite scary, but also endearing especially when we hear him on the baby monitor as he says “night night, guys.”

We’re picking up on the word “tiger”, which comes out more as “tiga”. Fine by me, especially since Mommy here is a diehard Clemson Tiger fan. You keep rocking that word, Buddy! Makin’ Mama proud!

And I guess the greatest thing I’ve heard and seen is the day he decided to point at his daddy and say the word “cracka!” It was priceless along with the look on my husband’s face. I was given the death stare coupled with the unspoken question, “did you teach our son that?” No, honey, it was an honest mistake. The kiddo does know his crackers, even if one is his daddy! Just kidding, honey.

Finally, the word(s) that seem to get misused the most, wait let me check to see if it is a word. Nope, not in my 2001 Webster’s Dictionary, and yest I still have one of those! So, the phrase overused and misused is “uh oh”. It’s my fault and I say it a lot, but truthfully my son is a bit accident prone, so why wouldn’t I say those words? Problem is that now he will purposefully throw his food on the floor and then say “uh oh”. Sorry, my dear boy, but you can’t use the words when you do something intentionally. That’s not how it works. Oh, did you throw your socks from your feet or did they accidentally fall off? They accidentally fell off, you say? Well, then that’s an “uh oh”.

Something new everyday.


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