Travelin’ Mama

A lot of things change with the birth of your first child.   There’s the change in your physical appearance, a distorted and even contorted version of your previous self.   Some of us lose our  hair, while others, such as myself, start losing some of their memory.   I suppose the change I’m noticing the most is the superficial one.

Friday, my husband, son, and I flew to New York to visit my in-laws for Easter.   As we stood in line at the ticket counter, I couldn’t help but notice the current fashion attire not only of today’s youth, but also that of other generations. Being the typical female, I found myself judging these women and comparing myself to them.

Some women were absolutely appalling and shocking as if they were eager to push the levels of the fashion mantra.   Then I looked down at myself, with jeans, tank top, long sleeve shirt and padded vest along with my running shoes.  I wasn’t hideous or mismatched, but I definitely wasn’t the woman of years ago and that is what becoming a mother will do to you, or at least most of you.

Once upon a time, I used to wear flowing skirts with strappy sandals or heels.   I wore fashion jeans with boots, warm scarfs and snug hats, all of which seemed to make a fashion statement as opposed to serving their actual purpose to keep me warm. I wanted to look stylish as I flew.   I made sure no hair was out of place and that my make up was flawless. Back then I put a lot more emphasis on my appearance as opposed to functionality and comfort. Not anymore. Those days have long since passed now that I’ve become a mommy, and this is one change I’m grateful for especially as I eyed the lady in leopard print leggings, with brown thigh high boots and four inch heels. I chuckled to myself and sighed inwardly with pleasure at my change while she adjusted her lavender, fake fur coat.

Thank you, my son, for helping mommy to see the road she would travel down in the fashion world had you not come along. Thank you, indeed.


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