One Green Veggie a Day, Keeps Mommy Away

Heck, any veggie a day would keep this mommy off your back!

My goodness what a hard headed, stubborn, and determined little man I have on my hands!   This mere 17 month old is starting to get the better of me and I’m running out of ways to attempt to out smart him.   Notice I used the word “attempt”, because as of today, I have yet to outsmart him, at least where eating his veggies is concerned.

I made Davey’s baby food from the start.   Not once did he ever eat anything out of the jar.   There was no such thing as processed food in our house, at least not for him.   I did it to have a healthy baby, but to also have a baby who wasn’t quite so picky with his food.   Lord knows I never thought I would be at the point where I’m practically begging my laughing child to actually just swallow a fourth of a green bean for me.

These days, where veggies are concerned, my son’s mouth is clamped down tighter than the doors of Fort Knox!  And I don’t know what to do!   He used to love spinach and carrots and celery and apples and all of that good stuff, but now he won’t eat it unless it’s covered in sugar or cheese or butter!   Where did he get this from?   Definitely not from our house and no one else really feeds him.

He used to eat pears, but not anymore.  I’ve bought him the Del Monte packs with the cubes that are packaged in water (I refuse to give him fruits that have been swimming in syrup for days or weeks or months).   Yesterday, I tried to give them as a snack.   He put one little cube in his mouth and then immediately opened his mouth again, stuck out his tongue, and let the cube slide off onto the floor.   So, I tried to offer the pears up mixed with yogurt.   That didn’t work either because he would suck off the yogurt and spit out (literally) the pear.

Last night I snuck in some broccoli with his macaroni and cheese.   He picked around the little trees and ate the macaroni!   What is going on with this kid?????   He’s starting to remind me of my younger brother…meat and potatoes only, thank you!   This can’t keep going on.   I’m willing to try anything.   Do any of you have some sort of advice on getting my child to eat more veggies?   They don’t have to just be green.   I’d settle for anything, even a squash.

One frustrated mommy here!


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