Pretty in Pink

I’ve had my first official bout with having to sterilize EVERYTHING in the house and I mean EVERYTHING.

Yesterday, Davey was diagnosed with pink eye in both of his eyes.   To say that I was a little disappointed and bummed is an understatement.   I was actually incredulous about the fact that he had contracted this.   This is part of the reason I don’t send him to daycare.  Those places are Petri dishes for every germ imaginable.   They’re worse than a breeding ground.   Apparently, it doesn’t matter, though, because if Davey is going to catch something, then there’s not a lot I can do to prevent that.  I can’t exactly sterilize the entire world, can I?   If I could, I can tell you where I would start, but that’s not exactly a blog for this site.  

The doctor told me that Davey is contagious for the first 24 hours, but that after that, since I would be putting drops in his eyes, then we should be in the clear.  I also have to immediately wash my hands each time I come in contact with Davey.   Such a shame, since one of the things I love most is to hug and kiss all over my baby.   I have to abstain from that at least for a while.   And since he was contagious for the first 24 hours, I had to come home and immediately start the dreaded sterilization process of everything in the house that his grubby little hands touch.   

I was actually alright with this; after all it is part of my motherly responsibilities.   Truthfully, I was looking forward to it, since I’m officially in my need to clean mode.   I assume you all read my blog about my new steam mop?   It’s quite the dandy.   Anyways, I stopped at Walgreens, picked up Lysol wipes, Lysol spray and Davey’s medication.   I came home, dropped up those eyes of his (which by the way is way worse than wrestling an alligator.   Who’d have thought putting drops in a baby’s eyes would prove to be so darn difficult?)  and then I got busy to cleaning.

What a daunting task this proved to be.   He has more books than I can possibly count and you know he has to pull EVERY ONE of them off the shelf.  He can’t just pick a few to look at.   Then there were all of his stuffed animals.   I whipped out my can of Lysol and I doused those babies good.   Finally, I made my way to his play room.   One look and I was completely deflated.    I put him to bed for his nap, then came back downstairs and for the next two hours I sterilized all of his toys.   This child has toys I didn’t even know he had.   Some of them I actually wonder if he pocketed from other people’s houses.   If any of you out there are missing any toys, my son likely has them.   There are way too many toys in this house. 

And did I not once write a blog where I stated I felt guilty for not buying enough gifts for Davey?   Well, let me tell you, those days of guilt have long since passed.    Guilty?  This Mama?   I don’t think so.   Every time I cleaned a toy it seemed like the playroom would purge itself and more would show up.   Davey should consider himself lucky.  

I didn’t even bother to clean each individual Mega Block he got for Christmas.   I took the bin upstairs to the guest bathroom, filled the tub with water and bleach and dumped those babies in.   I just pulled them out this morning, so hopefully all those little germy buggers are gone.   

On a side note, I’ve had zero sleep because I keep having nightmares about getting pink eye myself.   And pink is probably the most hideous color ever.   If I have a daughter one day, I’ll never dress her in pink.   This has forever traumatized me with the color.   Ha!


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