Dancing with my Mop (and Bruce, Kenny, and Billy)

I sent Davey off to be with my aunt for a good portion of the day on Thursday.   I needed some “me” time and she’s always more than willing to watch him.

To say that I was looking forward to this day just for quite some time is an understatement.   A HUGE understatement.   I’ve been counting the days since January 3rd.    So, what do I do with my “me” time you ask?   When the baby’s away…mommy will play!   And play I did!

I started out in my kitchen where I immediately got down to business with emptying out a dishwasher, loading it back up, washing pots and then that’s when I pulled out the mac daddy, the toy I’ve been waiting to use for over a week, my Christmas gift from my in-laws…my bright red STEAM MOP!!!!

This steam mop comes with a handheld unit, with three different attachments for cleaning countertops, a scrubbing brush to clean some dirt and grime, and even a grout tool!   Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!   I cranked up the music in the house, filled up the water tank, and I got down to business while Billy Joel belted out “Uptown Girl” in the background.   How fitting that song should be the one playing as I clean.   I felt like such an uptown girl myself, wink wink!

Of course, as I made my way upstairs my fun started to wane just a bit.   I’ve pretty much gotten used to having to clean up after my husband.   It can be pretty gross at times, after all he is a man.   And well, he doesn’t exactly clean up either.   He’s almost worse than our son.   But as I was cleaning up Davey’s bedroom and his bathroom, I started to daydream about what my life would be like in a few years.

There was a bit of apprehension on my side as I thought about having two men in the house and what that will mean to my kitchen and bathrooms.    Then my thoughts of despair immediately began to dissipate as I thought about the fact that I would soon have free labor to scrub toilets, take out the trash, dust the house, and empty the dishwasher.   That’s right!   I said it…FREE LABOR!   Muahahahaha!   And if I had a handlebar mustache, you can bet I’d be twirling it around between my fingers as I thought this.

Suddenly, Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark came on the speakers (yes I was listening to 80s on 8) and all my thoughts went away as my only concern was dancing with my vacuum and keeping to ole Bruce’s beat.   I danced and I mopped.   I vacuumed and I danced.   I scrubbed and I shuffled to Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose”.

Aaahh…the joys of motherhood, the little things we find to help motivate us through the days


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