Hello, Misery, it’s your friend, Company. Let’s Play.

I am so thankful for the many gifts and blessings in my life.  I’m thankful for my family, my health, my friends, my God, my mind and my heart.   I’m thankful that our Lord has decided to bestow so many blessings on me, a lowly sinner.   These days I find myself more and more thankful for my husband…a wonderful father, husband, friend, and companion.   

This week, I’ve found myself chuckling at him and even losing my patience with him at times.   With it being Christmas week, my husband has decided to pretty much take the entire week off.   It’s been such a blessing at times as Davey and I are usually flying solo during the week and Davey only gets about 2 hours a day with his daddy.   I know he’s enjoyed it as much as my husband has, but I suppose I’ve enjoyed the fact that I’ve had a partner in crime or a musketeer to help me out with the day to day routine.  

And I guess I’ve enjoyed having some one with me.   It’s actually felt a little like the whole misery loves company game.  

My husband took the week off and I’m sure that he thought it would be a relaxing week for him.  He could play with our son, catch up on some reading, and spend some time with me watching movies.   What he didn’t expect was to deal with my day-to-day routine on a whole new level.

Santa definitely thought Davey was a good boy this year.   I had to take down the Christmas tree in the family room much earlier than normal just to make room for all of his toys!  It’s insane.   And even though he got all of those toys for Christmas, he still seems to love my Tupperware, measuring spoons and cups.   I even tried to take a bath this morning, but couldn’t seem to relax and read one of my books because Davey was banging pots and pans, trying to climb up bookshelves and basically being his normal self all for my husband, his daddy.  

I can’t lie and say it’s bothered me that Davey has treated his daddy the same way he treats me.   It’s actually been wonderful and while I haven’t wanted to keep my husband from having a relaxing week off and while being a stay at home mom isn’t misery by any stretch of the imagination, well, let’s just say…Misery DOES love company and my oh my have I enjoyed the fact that my husband has been along for the misery ride at times.  

And by the way, I’m so very thankful for my beautiful baby boy and my husband.   Without either one of them, I think I’d have a very mundane life.


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