Baby, You’re a Firework!

I have an entertainer on my hands.

Davey would much rather spend the majority of his day being the class clown (yes he’s only 1) or singing and dancing to music, or finding out what makes people laugh and taking advantage of that.   He enjoys a good story from time to time, but only when it’s a one on one interaction.

Take for example Wednesdays.   Every Wednesday morning, we go to the local library for a half hour of story time and nursery rhymes followed by another half hour of free play and social interaction.   Before Davey could walk, he used to just sit in my lap and listen to the stories.   Well, let me rephrase that.   He HAD to sit in my lap because he couldn’t really go anywhere on his own.   That doesn’t mean he listened to the stories that were read or participated in any of the nursery rhymes.   Now that he’s able to walk, his mentality is “forget mama!”

As soon as he walks into the room, he seems to command everyone’s attention.   I feel a little guilty and bad about that since there are times when he seems to steal the librarian’s thunder when he treats story time as his own personal stage.   There is a part of me who wishes to stifle him just a bit and I wonder if I’m allowing him to be too free at home.   Honestly, story time makes me nervous because I’m really unsure if he’s going to upset anyone.   Plus I feel a little sad to see all the other kids cuddling up with mommy and my little bugger is dancing around the room not even giving me a second glance.

Lately, his entertaining persona has brought a smile to my face especially when he’s at home and he hears the Andy Griffith theme song or his new favorite band, Mumford & Sons.   For instance, when he hears Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait”, he immediately drops everything and gets his groove on.   And well, let’s just say Davey gets his dancing skills or lack thereof from his daddy.

He stands up, bends his knees as if he’s almost in a squat, stiffens up both arms and puts his hands out in front of him, palms open wide.   Then he’ll bounce for a couple of beats, before slowly doing a spastic version of what looks like the snake.   I can’t help but laugh as he moves his arms and heads in a squiggly motion, almost like an ocean wave rolling through his body.

After a few of these moves, he then spins a good 10 seconds or so around in circles until he gets dizzy and falls down.  He laughs it off, sees me and his daddy laughing then jumps back up and heads back into it again.

He’s my own personal little entertainment.    As a matter of fact, I think we’ll drop DIRECTV and just rely on Davey.   I can guarantee you that no show on television can warm my heart like my son and no comedy can give me the good deep down belly laugh like he does.   And even though it may sadden me at times to see how quickly he blows me off when we go to story time or anywhere else for that matter, it also makes me smile to know that he’s eager to bring some entertainment to others.   My little star!


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